15 thoughts on “1987-2014 Kawasaki KLR 650 Pannier mounting rack , klr650

  1. The doohickey is NOT a scam.. The stock tensioner has limited range for
    adjustment.( yes you have to adjust it every oil change). JUST LOOSEN THE
    THEN TIGHTEN. The harder you ride the faster the cam chain stretches, and
    they do stretch. In as little as 5k I have seen the stock doohickey out of
    adjustment. And if the tensioner isn’t keeping the slack out of the Cam
    Chain, well I guess we all know how that one ends. I have owned over 20
    KLRs. My favorite bike.Good luck with yours

  2. thanks
    you have a v-strom, too
    me, too
    which would you keep if someone were to say “you can only keep one”, I

  3. You think you go through rubber? My buddy has a 2014 KLR and is getting his
    3rd set this week and only has 4k miles. I told him it was a bad idea to
    get a brand new bike if hes going to ride mostly crazy OHV trails and only
    highway to get to them. But hey, hes has a blast. 

  4. So will a person need to swap the doo-hickey if you consistently tighten it
    to specs? Also iis “thermo-bob” and “de-californification” really going to
    make any difference in the long run.

  5. I think your front tire is on Backwards. The front tire is designed to
    channel water under braking. therefore the front tire when installed
    properly appears to be on backwards to the untrained eye. I have ran this
    exact tire on several different bikes. In the current condition during
    heavy breaking, water is forced to the center of the tire with nowhere to
    go. Making it much easier to Hydro Plain

  6. @klrskip650 if you don’t mind me asking how much do you weigh? I’m a bigger
    guy such as yourself I’m about 6 foot and almost 300 hundred lbs I’m
    working on trimming it off though but anyway my question to you is would an
    older model klr 650 be able to support me and keep up at highway speeds and
    would it be a good learning bike if not what would you recommend and the
    reason I say and older one like a 05 through 07 is because it would be my
    first bike and as everyone who ride knows your bound to drop your first
    bike a few times so I’m buying second hand would appreciate the help from
    you or anyone else who cares to help

  7. Can’t believe you haven’t changed the exhaust. That thing weighs like
    15lbs. Noticed a big difference with aftermarket exhaust.

  8. I’m interested in that you swapped “down” from a V-Strom. I have a DL1000
    now and was thinking about doing the same. What can you tell me about why
    YOU made that choice and if you feel it was a good one in retrospect.

  9. I must say first I really like your bike nicely done. After seeing all you
    videos that you gave a description of the bike. And with details. Of the
    highway and part of non paved road. Big fan. I gave been in the market for
    4 months but price is making me to come back to this plus you enforce it
    big fan of you. Thank you.

  10. Cheap amazing results. Progressive front fork springs and a fork brace.
    $200 for the parts Cdn prices. 16 Tooth front sproket, to lower the hwy

  11. I bought a new KLR in 05 and it was a good bike, they have made some nice
    changes to them since. Dont crucify me but traded it for a Harley, which I
    love. I have nothing but good to say about the KLR, cost
    effective,economical and good looks.

  12. I want to ask you what do you think
    ctx700 dct abs automatic.
    Why I am asking you seems very experienced.

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