Bicycle Cycling Bike Frame Pannier Front Tube Triangle Bags Head Pipe Pouch Tool

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I have wrapped my BMW alu panniers in matt black folio to protect them against road-salt and scratches. In this video I show how I did it and before and afte…

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12 thoughts on “Bicycle Cycling Bike Frame Pannier Front Tube Triangle Bags Head Pipe Pouch Tool

  1. Great job… Just shared your video on UKGSer, someone asked about
    wrapping. That sound effect at the beginning sounds like the death star
    being deactivated, brilliant. Cheers.

  2. Couple of questions if I may; in summer in hot sunny day do they get really
    really hot inside? After washing your motorbike does the folio get off on
    the corners? Also on hot sunny day do the bubbles re-appear in folio?

  3. looks fantastic! which particular brand of folio have you used for this
    job? i guess some are better than others !?

  4. Cleaning the panniers I did with “T-röd” Alcohol. If you put your pannier
    on the film and then measure and cut you’ll be fine… I have learnt that
    using the credit-card is key as film shrinked 0,5mm after a while. Where I
    used the creditcard it is all OK, but where I cut it exact you can see Alu
    behind. Just did 2weeks around Adriatic Sea so sorry for my late reply,
    good luck, Johan

  5. Hi Andreas, I think the plastic corners on my panniers makes it easy as you
    dont need to wrap them. I have tried wrapping a tank but that was just to
    hard for a amature as me. ZEGA PRO panniers shouldent be a problem but like
    the R1200RT panniers I would think twice wrapping. But A Pro can wrap
    anything, serch for companies that puts company logos on cars. Good Luck =)

  6. Hi Jim, Key is to get good film and keep everything clean, smallest hair
    will show =) I cant past a link here but search for “EasyTime
    3D Matt Black Car Wrap Vinyl (Bubble Free)” “Auto Folie —
    schwarz matt — 200 x 152 cm folieren (= 7 Euro/qm incl. Mwst zzgl Versand)
    Vollverklebung blasenfrei mit Luftkanälen Wrapping” I used this german
    site… Good luck and please share a pic when done =) regards, Johan

  7. You talk about rubbing the panniers to get the film to stick. What did you
    use in the rubbing process, before you attached the film? Excellent idea,
    since the salt here in Norway, eats aluminium for breakfest. Film is
    already on its way, from the german site. How much film did you use for all
    three panniers?

  8. these look very neat can you tell me did you do the underside and the inner
    sides that have the fixing lugs on it. I think its the way to go as you can
    still use your ignition key, and original pannier rails. I don’t like the
    zega pro idea as you have to change your rails to some hard to use fitting
    rails and also extra different key! Why o Why don’t BMW/Touratech just sell
    black cases as a option? beyond me?

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