Bike Bicycle Frame Pannier Front Tube Bag for Mobile Cell Phone With Wire HYSP

bike panniers
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If you have ever looked into purchasing bicycle panniers, you have probably found that there is a very specific niche market of what seems to be endless arra…
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6 thoughts on “Bike Bicycle Frame Pannier Front Tube Bag for Mobile Cell Phone With Wire HYSP

  1. dude sweet setup, i was thinking about modding some old backpacks as
    panniers but this seems way easier and weatherproof as well. keep it up

  2. Hey bro thanks for the vids. Nice work. Some feedback I’d have would be to
    consider using some natural foliage and vegetation to maybe throw over your
    shelters to break up the outlines. You seem to pick decent spots, but those
    hard lines an angles of tarps and what not look very unnatural and
    certainly look contrived from a distance. What is it, 8 S’s? Two of em are
    shape and silhouette. Good luck man.

  3. OK … That really *IS* impressive. Great job with minimal tools …
    Better than most commercial options and for little money. … You can even
    lay an external frame backpack across both panniers.

  4. Rather than use KITTY LITTER BUCKETS I WOULD PREFER TO USE $2 luggage from
    thrift store. They usually have attachment points already and when you take
    them off the bike you have wheels on your container making them far more
    functional than just a bucket. I find discarded luggage beside the road
    when I do I get it take it home for future projects. I love to store stuff
    in old luggage too not a bad way to organize.

  5. You should check out places like Thailand for winter getaways you can live
    extremely cheap (especially if your bicycling and stealth camping) loads of
    great vegan food too if you went for a few months or so in the winter you
    may be money ahead (even after airfare) and warmer

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