10 thoughts on “Holan Pannier install on a 2001 BMW F650gs

  1. The Pannier’s are the 31L. Honestly, if I were doing it again, I think I’d
    go with the 38L. On my trip to Alaska it would have been nice to get more
    gear lower on the bike. (I used a waterproof bag on top of the rear rack).
    I was worried about width, but I really didn’t do any single track.

  2. Hi, Ron.
    Couple of questions, are those cases the 31L or the 38L?
    I got the new BMW 650 Sertao, do you think those racks can fit my bike?
    Thanks for the info.

  3. Have the same Bike and the same Akku Driller, instalation was as easy, but
    I didn’t have the problem with the hole lineup in the back!

  4. Thanks a lot. I have the same bike but 02. Thinking about heading out on
    the road too. I was waiting for you to say what they cost. I’ll watch it
    again anyhow .

  5. Hi Ron. I’m in London. Was very interested in your informative video as I
    have just got the new R1200GS and ordered the panniers direct from Holan in
    Poland and there was not much fitting info out there apart from your
    helpful vid. Luckily unlike your panniers my came already fitted with the
    mounts installed so the only thing I had to do was fit the rack to the
    bike. Job done and they look great. Best Regards.

  6. Thanks! Mine didn’t come with instructions so I thought the video might
    come in handy for someone who was either considering a purchase, or had
    made a purchase and wanted to see how the install went. I also had a hard
    time getting a definitive answer as to the weight and width of the Panniers
    so I weighed them up before the install.

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