HOT Sport Cycling Bike Frame Pannier Front Tube Triangle Bag Pipe Pouch Carrier

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It’s double headed pannier time, as GWR, tank engines 7752 & 9600, take to the national network. To say the weather was rather bleak, would be a slight under…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

L94 – Pannier
Image by Steven’s Transport Photos
My latest model bought for me is this LT Pannier from the London Transport Museum

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22 thoughts on “HOT Sport Cycling Bike Frame Pannier Front Tube Triangle Bag Pipe Pouch Carrier

  1. Those Panniers are sure powerful little buggers and have good turn of speed
    when they get their skirts up. Well done on the filming, it shows that the
    littlies can hold their own on personality compared to their larger cousins

  2. What a performance so well caught Liam. Due to the rescheduling of this
    tour I had to miss it as was en route to Devon………. Grrrrr!!!! Thanks
    for your great coverage in such poor conditions. Regards, Brian.

  3. Excuse you…. no, I think praise you for such a good record of what must
    have been an absolutely fun day out!! Those panniers are quite something
    and look really stable on the rails even if their springing shows up as a
    few bounces.

  4. Liam & Phil, Well chosen locations and good to see you braving the climate
    to the very end. An excellent video. Regards, John

  5. If you loved trains and hadn’t relived this tour was on, you would be
    surprised if you went to your local station and saw this. If is truly a
    different sort of tour. Great video. Matt

  6. Superb video Liam, you got some great shots despite the conditions. Had
    planned to come up and ‘chase’ this but when I saw the weather forecast I
    thought perhaps not!! Cheers, Dave.

  7. They must have very good crew as they always get into unison very quickly,
    even the con. rods are in unison. I still like the shots of these cheeky
    locos Well done all, drivers etc and photographer as well

  8. Got to be my favourite time of the year when these two come out to play.
    Pity they never venture as far north as Lancashire (yet) Would love to see
    then in the real !! Nice film AND sound. Thank you.

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