How we made our panniers & top boxes for our KLR 650’s.WMV

Last year we decided to make our own pannier’s & top boxes as it was too expensive to buy a set for the both of us! It took us three weeks and through trial …
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7 thoughts on “How we made our panniers & top boxes for our KLR 650’s.WMV

  1. thanks for sharing this! nicely done project!

    ive been considering fabricating my own panniers for months.

    seems the right time to finally do it!


  2. Very nice looking panniers! They look strong and nice straight forward
    design. Going to hit the shop thus wknd :)

  3. Thanks! We used aluminium sheeting and edging for the boxes and steel
    tubing for the frame, you can buy it from any metal supplying company. They
    can either recommend who cut and bend it for you or they’ll do it for you.
    And the lids for the side boxes were made from fibre glass (very itchy but
    well worth it) The rest we bought from the hardware store. I hope that’s
    helpful… 😀

  4. Thank you for the great comment! Pity you didn’t try making them yourself,
    you would have had great fun! Happy Biking 🙂

  5. Saffers!! A boer maak a plan!!! Sittin in London and trolling the
    net for reasonable panniers, but the prices are ridiculous. Came across
    your vid and had a long hard laugh. Thanks for the awesome pics!!

  6. Great project, great music, great cases you made. Inspirational really.
    Sadly, where I live (Japan), real D.I.Y. is given only lip service, and
    every place you go to shocks you when you see the prices of stuff. Will try
    to do mine with sturdy plastic cases and just make the bracket etc myself.
    Thanks for a great vid’.

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