14 thoughts on “Ideal Commuting Bicycle

  1. – it is a great bike. I rode it in this AM – it was somewhere around 20
    degrees when I left. Not quite Bangor, but cold.

  2. I like your set up. I was thinking of doing something similar next year. I
    have a Specialized Sirrus with full fenders, lights, a rack, an ortleib
    pannier, and a basket on my rear rack. I commute in Brooklyn, NY 5.7 miles
    each way but I also have a job in Manhattan. So I either bike 12 miles a
    day or 25. I am looking at the new Stragler by surly aka Cross Check with
    Disk brakes. Is the geometry on your cross check racing or endurance? 

  3. Rhode Island? But I didn’t hear you drop a single “R”! You must be a
    transplant from another state. Well, enjoy some coffee milk and keep on
    riding safely to work. 40 miles round trip is an admirable ride each day to
    work. Keep it up!

  4. I also have the black Surly Cross Check. Best bike I’ve ever ridden. It is
    fairly heavy, but it’s so sturdy and dependable. I sold my car and rely
    solely on that bike. Great for northern climates. I’m excited to see how it
    holds up this winter in Bangor, ME.

  5. I ride a Surly LHT in the warmer weather and a mountain bike during the
    winter (I have a video of it on my channel). Heavier bikes are nice for
    commuting; they just feel more sturdy and safe.

  6. Nice commuter bike, it’s funny how similar most commuter bike are set up.
    Over 20 years ago I set up an old Peugeot road bike in a very similar
    format. And for the past 6 years I’ve been using an old Trek 950 with drop
    bars and bar-end shifters. Skinny tires sure do not work well on crappy
    city roads, bigger tires are the way to go. If anyone want to buy a good
    commuting bike, buy an old mountain bike or hybrid. Lots of room for
    fenders, racks and if you do like the straight bars, conversion to drops
    with bar-end shifters are easy and not too expensive to do.

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