17 thoughts on “New Sport Cycling Bike Frame Pannier Front Tube Triangle Bag Pipe Pouch Carrier

  1. you are an artist man, one of the coolest video homemade I’ve ever seen!
    great job! The final result is very cute. Sounds good

  2. Oh so satisfying doing it yourself. Especially when the results are to such
    a high standard. You should be deservedly proud of your bag! Great music.
    Well done,going to try and copy…

  3. Nice work with minor tool requirements. Most of this could have been done
    with a vice, drill and handsaw. Pretty easy to make. I wouldn’t make such a
    tiny one myself either. But resourcefull use of easy to find products!
    Well done!

  4. While the craftsmanship is impressive, the end result is somewhat
    underwhelming. Additionally this is more of a demonstrative video rather
    than instructional. You could get ideas from this but you can’t actually
    follow it along as far as steps go and such.

  5. Wow! This is such a great pannier… I don’t have so many tools and
    machines to make one for myself though. You did a great job.

  6. While a good video, and the pannier was well made, I’m confused as to why
    you would make one that is so small and not waterproof. Surely by the time
    you’ve spent this much time, effort and money on making one, you might as
    well have bought an already made, significantly larger, waterproof and more
    practical pannier? (I’m referring to what are still smaller, but ultimately
    backpack-convertible panniers, which can be had for as little as ~20 pounds)

  7. doing yourself the things is much more fun than buying it. great job! I did
    one myself, based on that one, with some modifications.

  8. @SibSpi maybe it’s just for fun. You notice that he has a full workshop
    full of tools, it would be pointless to not use them.

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