7 thoughts on “Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Rear Panniers Review from Performance Bicycles

  1. I have those clips on my racktime panniers. I know what you mean. They are
    the best. Would never have another pannier without them.

  2. Thanks for the review. Any thoughts on the Classics vs. the Plus versions?
    I’m looking at several websites and it looks like the circular bottom clip
    design is actually on the Plusses, not the Classics. All of the Classics
    I’m looking at have one straight bracket across the bottom. What’s up with

  3. the plus version material feels superior and the adjustability of the clips
    is a huge advantage if you use them on different bikes (no need for an hex
    key). Oh and you can also get a lock thingy with the ql2.

  4. The proper way to close these for maximum waterproofness is to pull the
    male and female clips on the top as far away from each other, roll toward
    the bicycle side three to four times and then pull the tabs down and secure
    them with the included shoulder strap, which clips into each of the tabs
    and loops through the plastic clip on the outside bottom of the panniers.
    The closure method shown in the video may be ok for commuting, but is
    unlikely to stand up to an extended downpour while touring.

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