Ortlieb Back Roller Classic vs Bike Packer Classic

A comparison between these two mainstays of the Ortlieb line – you can actually see the comparison, instead of just assuming like I did for so long. As a shortcut for you wanting to know up…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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4 thoughts on “Ortlieb Back Roller Classic vs Bike Packer Classic

  1. I would suggest switching the titles in the name of the video to match the
    location of the bags, since they are so similar – it can be confusing to
    know which is which 😀 – Or alternatively you can add a notation through
    youtube! Thanks for this review and I think I will go with a set of the
    right bag, the Back Roller Classics – May have to settle for the (city) for
    price friendliness, but I think the difference is just size.

  2. Thank you bud, you made it easier for me to choose. Got the blue classic
    back roller for my 20 mile daily commute. I load them up with the 15″
    laptop, food, couple books and they are solid. Love em.

  3. Thanks a ton for this video. It really gave a good demonstration of the
    differences between these bags. You helped me make my decision.

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