Outdoor Cycling Frame Pannier Bicycle Front Tube Two Side Bag Rack Pouch Blue

bicycle pannier racks
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http://www.youtube.com/bikemanforu How to install the SunLite seatpost bicycle rack using shims. Free shipping at http://www.bikemanforu.com This utility bea…
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37lb packed for camping (dry)
bicycle pannier racks
Image by blasdelf
The stuffsack has my tent body, fly, and sleeping bag in it, and could easily fit another liter or so of compressed crap.

Getting it off the front can obviate the need for panniers or the giant purple bag, especially with a small framebag added

The tent poles are strapped to the rear perimeter of the rack behind the tombstone, they double as elbow rests for tucked road descending

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24 thoughts on “Outdoor Cycling Frame Pannier Bicycle Front Tube Two Side Bag Rack Pouch Blue

  1. dear Bikeman please tell me what can i do with my full suspension mountain
    bike how can i install a rear rack on it please help me thanks 

  2. I love this style rack. However, problem is no matter what you do with the
    installation, the rack won’t tighten enough and will still move from side
    to side. Only solution? Get it professionally welded. Problem solved. Again
    this is a great style rack.

  3. BIKEMAN, I realise you are busy, I realise there may be things on your
    mind, however.. PLEASE smile after your sign-offs! There’s nothing worse
    than a great video in your usual charming manner, only to end with a face
    like you’ve been told your hamster has diabetes. The final frame in the
    video is the last one people see, and so makes a surprisingly strong
    impression. SMILE! things could be much worse!

  4. Got my T-shirt yesterday! great guy and cool shirt! one less car is good
    for everyone. Less oil used, less congestion on the highway, more exercise,
    and save money. Thats a win win win win!

  5. MY bike is 16 pounds and 4 ounces…I weigh 250, but my bike is 16
    pounds… I hate gram weenies. Hey bud, want to shave a few ounces? Take
    some stuff out of your pocket!

  6. Hey Odi, why don’t you try to make it to one of Bikeman’s live shows? There
    is beer with Bikeman at 5:15 PM EST which is about 12 hours behind
    Indonesia. But there is also a youtube show on the weekends through our
    day. We would love to discuss economies and price differences between where
    you are and the US, especially where Bikeman lives. I am not sure if you
    are trolling about the prices but you seem like a respectable guy. Come
    join us!

  7. Anyone wanting a rack is gonna need to put aside their weight issues. It’s
    kinda unavoidable. I wonder if those people put carbonated water in their

  8. That’s cool!! I like that. No extra stuff to bolt on. If my seat post was
    undersize, I’d probably use metal shims (cut out of a pop can) to really
    clamp it down for strength. Btw, can you mention (or annotate) the prices
    for the tools and gear in the videos?

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