16 thoughts on “Suzuki Bandit 600s Touring Setup

  1. Hi- recently picked up a 2003 600S that I plan to tour the southeast U.S.
    on. Your video was just the kind of help I needed. Thanks a lot!!

  2. It’s worth investing in some ‘dry bags’ for your panniers, nothing worse
    than damp or wet clothing when you arrive at you destination, bit of a
    schoolboy error as no panniers are 100% waterproof, bin liners will do the
    trick too

  3. Hey Man! I’m nearing my trip to denmark, and i was wondering- how does the
    banit perform under load? So 2 people + lagguage? Thanks 🙂

  4. Bandits really do suit being luggaged up, evver considered riding all the
    way back to the UK for a trip? (not that i’d want to come from your part of
    the world to mine that is :P)

  5. You will understandably notice that the bike is heavier, but you won’t have
    any problems, the Bandit is a sturdy bike. Adjust the suspension on the
    back for the extra load.

  6. @simon44 Thanks mate, in general a thumbs up is OK, the guy that stopped
    for you must have been upset before he pulled over.

  7. Be careful when or how you wave to another biker when pulled over in a
    foreign country. I waved at someone in Switzerland when I was pulled over
    and it really pissed him off because he turned around to stop and see if I
    was ok only to discover that I obviously was and in the process had made
    his mate stop as well. He teared off with stones flying everywhere while
    doing this crazy swing the bike across the road move that I’d never seen
    before. He was really pissed off.

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