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  1. They don’t include locks because people want options. If everything comes
    with its own lock pretty soon you have a keychain that’s bristling with
    keys. This way you can work it out so you have a single key for all of
    your accessories. 

  2. Touratech’s Zega Pro Pannier Systems set the bar for quality, functionality
    and performance for adventure touring. Touratech is the #1 brand for
    quality aluminum motorcycle luggage. Zega and Zega Pro panniers have a
    proven design and are the choice of long-distance motorcycle travelers the
    world over. See our complete line of motorcycle panniers, luggage and

  3. naja, ist ja wohl für BMW GS1200 Fahrer gedacht, die mal eben 20.000 für
    ein Moped ausgeben, da jucken ein paar Tausender für Zusatz Kram auch nicht
    🙂 Fahren tun sie dann aber natürlich voll ausgerüstet gerade mal zur
    Eisdiele, natürlich nur bei 22 Grad und 68% Luftfeuchte. GS Fahrer eben 😉

  4. Some customers choose not to install locks on their panniers because they
    don’t want to keep track of a key or don’t leave the bike unattended. Also
    there are people that prefer the old-fashioned pad lock approach which can
    be used with the hole provided on the latch for this style of security.
    Some people add locks at a later time so they can match the key to a
    Touratech locking GPS mount, locking windscreen spoiler or locking oil
    filler cap.

  5. Very nice product (and video) but for that kind of money I would definitely
    expect them to come with locks. This is a BIG turn down point!

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