2 LED Bicycle Infrared Remote-controlled Lock/Security Alarm Lock (#400-294)

2 LED Bicycle Infrared Remote-controlled Lock/Security Alarm Lock,Random Color Features: Material: Chemical engineering plastics. Color: Black/Silver (Random…
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bicycle alarm lock
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2011 GIO 500W Electic Scooter: First Thoughts
bicycle alarm lock
Image by MSVG
The 2011 GIO 500W Electric Scooter is is classified as an electric bicycle (since pedals can be used). You do not have to register it and can also operate w/o any driver license. The engine is powered by 4 large high power batteries that will last for over 3 years or around 500 recharge times. One single charge can also give you up to 60kms of pollution free travel.

Friday morning I woke up all pumped; I had the perfect chance to use my GIO E-bike for it’s intended purpose! Commuting! I stuffed my head out the window to test how cold it was and luckily it was the perfect weather. I stepped out with a sweater on and a recently purchased scooter helmet on my head.

First thing that pleased me was the vast storage compartments throughout the scooter.
There is the lockable trunk behind my rear end, under seat storage and it even has a glove compartment at the front! There is enough room for my camera bag, extra sweater, wheel lock, pedals, battery charger, work shoes, rain cover and a few more possessions. It impressed me immensely!

After locking up everything, I scurried off on my 22km work commute. I hit the local Tim Hortons and bought me my morning coffee (I even used the drive through hehe).

There is a multi-use trail from my house to the border of Mississauga so I used that as my travel route. The GIO performed amazingly well. Only drawback; Steep hills! This e-bike struggled a tad to climb steep hills but never had me place a foot on the ground. Keep in mind, I had roughly 40lbs of cargo on board. With my weight that is 170lbs total weight on top of this electric scooter.

I reached Matheson Blvd East in Mississauga and knew this was the true test. How would traffic treat a 32km/h scooter on a 2 lane road…

I was amazed at how courteous the drivers were. Even the public transit buses went around me never having me feel uncomfortable. Keep in mind it is normal practice for bikes to use the right lane of any road (so don’t go rag me on causing traffic) and Matheson Blvd East is an industrial type road that does not have as much traffic as a major road.

Well I finally arrived! It took me 40-45 minutes total compared to a 30 minute car ride. Best off, my wallet was still the same weight as when I left my house and I didn’t smell like I just ran a mile!


Okay time to go home!

I checked the weather on my iphone and it said blue skies and nothing but sunlight! So ideal!

Unfortunately that was not the case lol. Five minutes into my commute home, a sudden downpour came down ending two minutes later. Surprisingly, I did not feel any difference with the scooter in the rain. I assumed the rear wheel would slip more but it stayed planted on the ground. At that point, I was thankful I purchased a scooter helmet with a hidden built-in eye shield! Phew!

Right after that downpour came down, blue skies and warm sunlight followed which allowed me to dry off on the way home lol. BEST PART? My commute home usually takes 1.5 hours and Friday it took only 50 minutes and NO GAS :D! What a win!

I have also used it throughout the weekend (day and night) and it has not disappointed! The headlight provides ample visibility at night and the alarm is loud enough that it would prevent the fastest of thieves to even try to steal it!

Only thing I do not like about the GIO 500W E-Scooter is the loud beeping noise it makes when the turn signal is used. It is connected to the horn and alarm and cannot be disabled.

I have also modified my e-scooter already… Nothing major but I removed the decals on the side as you can see from the image above and below. Also I have added a laminated printable mock-license plate.

I am also going to purchase a cupholder, bike speedometer and longer chain lock.

I am extremely happy with my purchase and will continue to scoot on!

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5 thoughts on “2 LED Bicycle Infrared Remote-controlled Lock/Security Alarm Lock (#400-294)

  1. A Remote to unlock, while you still have to finger at the lock – what is it
    good for? The Key-Lock is facing up, so when it’s raining, it will collect
    water.. The locking mechanism isn’t looking very stable.. So what is it
    good for?

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