50mph rear wheel lock up!

So… I’m riding along then bam! The rear wheel locks up… was quite a crazy skid which didn’t come out on camera at all.. but hey. If you can hear it, the …
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13 thoughts on “50mph rear wheel lock up!

  1. Been wondering, is stuff like this easier to control on dirt bikes or
    something? reason I say this is my rear wheel locked up at 50mph from
    braking too hard and the bike stayed straight, no fishtailing at all, and I
    felt in control the whole time. I ride a DT 125 enduro bike.

  2. sounds like you need to check your oil & its heat piston heat seizure.
    bike may have no oil or lack of it.
    could be a crank bearing as well needing replacement, due to lack of oil as
    well, it it doesn’t move smoothly could result it temporary seizures. 

  3. this happen to me today, trying to find why it locked up, mine locked up at
    about 45 mph, managed to control it like you but kinda freaky

  4. I’m going to suggest checking the rear pads for rock damage. If a rock got
    in there, it can jam your rear wheel which stalls the bike. When you
    stopped and rocked back and forth the rock fell out and you were off. Good
    luck mate!

  5. @xninjazx6r You always leave inappropriate comments on my vids but
    seriously, when you start being mean to my vlogger buddies I can’t just
    stand by and watch. Don’t think I haven’t seen what you say on other
    vlogger’s videos. Consider yourself blocked.

  6. Not to sure u would have to pull the head off and look at the bore and even
    if it stalled in high gear it should still turn over very strange indeed 🙂

  7. it didnt even seem to phase you at all. great control. if it was me, id
    have a golden coloured warm feeling dribbling down my leg haha

  8. @funkiershit That’s all I can think of is the siezure, cold engine and
    getting on it a bit-done it myself quite a few times. I used to race Jet
    Ski’s/Sea Doo’s and had it happen quite a few times with them and they’ll
    keep right on going. I put a power commander on my Husky to keep an eye on
    any fueling issues and it seems to work very well, you might think about
    that if it’s available for your model.

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