11 thoughts on “Abus bicycle lock review – the best chains!!!

  1. Yeah, thats a small cutter… On my way to make my own system as per wayne
    winston’s video, hard as hell Peweg security chain looks like the best

  2. I have a 14 inch bolt cutter for broken screws but yeah you need heavy duty
    42″ or 49″ to cut up to 14mm but they cost upwards of £150 but for about
    £40 you can get a butane torch from a hardware store to induce softness to
    the metal and THEN try and cut it with small bolt cutter, hardware store
    flame torch goes up to 1800 degrees, i’m pretty it would work :)

  3. definitely not the big bolt what are those like 18″ ones but i do agree
    anything bigger would attract attention

  4. “Tested in a bike shop: the Abus Ionus 8900 with a big bolt cutter. No
    chance!” “big bolt cutter”? Really? Agreed, it’s a size that many bike
    thieves would prefer, but to call it “big”…

  5. an thief wouldn’t take a bigger one with him because it would be too
    eye-catching. Also a study has shown that if a thief needs more than 3min
    to crack the chain and steal the bike they give up.

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