Abus Granit X Plus 54 30cm Bicycle U-lock

Abus Granit X Plus 54 Presentation and Review. Featuring the Abus X-Plus cylinder and a 13mm parabolic shackle. This Bicycle U-Lock is Sold Secure Bicycle Gold and also Sold Secure Motorcycle…

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17 thoughts on “Abus Granit X Plus 54 30cm Bicycle U-lock

  1. Hello,

    Greatly appreciate your reviews! Very informative, too!

    I wanted to know what’s your opinion of the Xena U and padlocks? The
    XENA’s *XUL, XPL, XBL, and XSU* model locks. Both the alarm and non-alarm

    Are they any good? Or is it just hyped trash?

    Thanks again for your reviews!

  2. I bought this lock and took out insurance against theft for €70 for a
    year,now i feel like i can leave my €900 bike some where for a few mins
    while i hobble around the store in my road shoes.

  3. Hi Adrian, thanks for your comments – I bought one of the Granite 54 x
    plus, 230 instead of the 300 as the latter really is quite big & heavy but
    wanted all the quality of it. Thanks for your reply, very helpful!

  4. Hi Adrian, I bought one, the 230mm version. Question – How does the lock
    mechanism compare to this:
    Single Pin Picking ABUS Facilo Bike D Lock And Using Jiggler Keys SCARY!!!
    Would be grateful for your comments!

  5. Hello, thank you for an interesting and insightful video. I just got a new
    bicycle because the previous one got stolen and I’m on a lookout for a
    reliable lock. Could you please share any thoughts on the Abus U-mini lock
    and if you think it could be cut with standard bolt-cutters. Thank you.

  6. Those roller locking pawls remind me of the ones used in some of the older
    roller-locked and roller-delayed Heckler & Kock mechanisms.

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