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bicycle alarm lock
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My New GIO Electric Scooter
bicycle alarm lock
Image by MSVG
More pictures provided below…

I am going green 😀

Well I bought me a new 2011 GIO Moped in white. This is the crazy purchase I spoke about a few images ago.

This 500w electric scooter is classified as an electric bicycle since pedals can be used. I however took mine out and have them stored in the storage compartments. Since it is classified as a bicycle, you do not have to register it, you do not have to insure it and can also operate without any driver license.

My e-scooter comes with front and rear lights, mirrors, large seat for 2 riders, large trunk box, turn signals, horn, low/high beam headlights, alarm, wheel locks and plenty of storage. First off there is the rear trunk box with ample room for my camera :). There is also a glove compartment and under seat storage.

It starts with a flip of a key and when you do start it you hear nothing! Just a low buzz as you buzz off :)!

More features include dual shocks which cushions my ride when going over bumps, curbs or objects. Frotn and rear drum brakes is located in the center of the wheel and provides plenty of stopping power even when I ride at higher speeds.

Engine Displacement (cc) 350w/500w
Transmission Auto
Engine Type 500w, Brushless, Electric, Double speeds
Min/Max. torque 32-55 Nm
Starting System Electric Start
Chassis Max Speed 32Km/h (20mph), Double speeds
Reverse No
Suspension/Front Dual Shock
Suspension/Rear Dual Shock
Brakes/Front Drum brake
Brakes/Rear EABS (Electric Absorption Braking System)
Dimensions Vehicle Size Full Size
Tires/Front 2.5in
Tires/Rear 63 x 406.4 mm , Mag Wheels
Size Adult
L x W x H 1650 x 690 x 1010 mm
Seat Height 710 mm
Lighting Fuel Capacity Battery Capacity: 48V/12AH
Dry Weight 74Kg (168 lbs)
Head Light Yes
Tail Light Yes
Brake Light Yes
Blinkers Yes
Remote Start/Stop No


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48 thoughts on “Bicycle Alarm Demo.mp4

  1. someone can just unscrew it gently and throw the alarm in the road and
    cycle away. at night time this would be easy. 

  2. Have you had issues with battery life I think mine is defective I got a
    refund but before I buy another I wanted to get some feedback currently my
    alarm gets maybe 3 days before the battery dies.

  3. How can i take this back to default code as i have somehow made a new code
    and now i can’t remember it :0(

  4. message to all theives. to disarm the alarm , simply take out the battery.
    I’m not a theif but pointing out the design flaw

  5. actually, the battery cover slides toward the frame, so the only way to
    open the battery compartment is to take the entire device off of the bike

  6. Все хорошо, но если бы эта сигналка не садила батарейку-крону 9 вольт за 30
    дней в режиме ожидания, и переносила бы хоть какую нибудь влажность, а то
    кнопки портятся при небольшом тумане. нужно искать вариант покачественнее.

  7. Like the idea, have issues with many of the people who ride them in the flow of traffic like a motor scooter or motorcycle when its stated by the MTO these are to be treated like pedal bicycles. Knowing you your smart enough to be safe and courteous when riding it! Congrats on the purchase.

  8. []I plan to stick to Bike lanes or paths as toronto is full of them :)!

  9. Nice investment. How long do you need to charge the batteries? I am going to assume that you need an 120VAC outlet. Also, how many KM can you go on a single charge, assuming that you ride in the city?

  10. P.S.
    We need police licences to use these and other mopeds 🙁
    But i observe most people seem not to care… and ride them on pedestrian malls and sidewalks (they think they are still in India and China!)
    Sorry, another pet peeve/bugbear of mine :p

    Enjoy Wisely!

  11. I really am impressed!…;-)
    it would be crazy and simply impossible to have/ drive such a bike here in Paris without insurance…;-)
    anyway I wish more people would follow this way..;-)

  12. White? Now that is not a color I was expecting…I think you ask opinions just to take another choice! Be on guard at all times…and watch those car doors opening up! We don’t need a flat Micheal!

  13. That to me is not a crazy gift. That is sensible and considerate. I just hope other road users allow you a little patience and distance.

  14. Thanks Everyone! I took it out Friday on my first commute run to and from work. It was awesome! 😀

    []No you do not need a license to ride this bike :)!

    [] Thanks, I hope so too :)!


    [] Will do!

    []So far they have!

  15. Now that’s a nice set of wheels you have there. I hope you enjoy it and I hope she handles like a dream too. Take advantage of the bike lanes before our lazy, no exercise, mayor removes them. Great choice of colour too. All you need to do now is some eight hour custom work to her and find a way to mount your camera at the front. That would make for some pretty cool videos.

  16. Very nice! I knew you didn’t need insurance for them but no license or permit of any kind? That’s insane. Be careful out there, youngman. Always always watch out for the other guy. My son just bought a motorcycle. How I wish he’d got a scooter instead but he wouldn’t hear of it!

    Thanks for your visit. Yes, you should take in Contact for sure if you’re in TO. You can pick up a programme catalogue at any location.

    And Happy Birthday, it seems *~*


  18. i think that bike would be made in some place other then canada but perhaps a bit of it is put together here so as to be able to say its made in canada.

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