Bicycle Locks Comparison

When comparing locks for bicycles there are two main factors: how sturdy the lock is and how easy it is to carry around. This includes the weight of the lock…
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bike lock ratings
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Too closely arrayed
bike lock ratings
Image by Steven Vance
It seems that the Whole Foods store designers selected the green wave racks to be installed before the store opened.

Perhaps after the store opened, the company realized that there was an insufficient quantity of bike parking. These abysmal bike racks were then installed too closely. Notice how two bikes extend into the parking lot. The curb side was the only accessible side of the ugly fence on which to lock the bikes.

Let me say this again: In no circumstance is this ugly fence acceptable for bike parking. Not even event parking! There are so many other acceptable and high-quality designs.

Read about this grocery store on Steven can plan.

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4 thoughts on “Bicycle Locks Comparison

  1. LOL Most high end bikes that are stolen in this area are stripped and the
    componets are sold on Craigslist. A carbon frame can be cut apart with a
    hack saw or serrated knife in seconds, a lock guarantee won’t cover that.

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