Bike Locks Buyer’s Guide

Bike Locks Buyer's Guide

No bike is truly secure, but getting a good lock can mean the the difference between your bike being there when you come back, and a long walk home. We take …

bike lock
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7 thoughts on “Bike Locks Buyer’s Guide

  1. Ive also heard about people taking a hack saw to a carbon frame and
    completely avoiding the lock, destroying the frame for all of the rest of
    the valubles on the bike. Might be worth investing in a metal bike just for
    your commutes and your carbon bike for fun rides 

  2. I think I’m just gonna booby trap mine with a grenade to blow the fucker’s
    arm off when they try to steal it! Good luck being a bike thief now you
    piece of shit!! 

  3. The only reason my bike hasn’t been stolen is because no one tried it yet.
    With the proper set of tools and enough time, every lock is breakable. 

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