Bike locks: How to properly lock up a bicycle

Bike locks: How to properly lock up a bicycle Bike locks: How to properly lock up a bicycle What’s the best way to lock up a bike? And what kind of lock …
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13 thoughts on “Bike locks: How to properly lock up a bicycle

  1. Should have secured that D lock through the frame and rear wheel, then used
    the cable lock to secure the front wheel and another part of the frame to
    that fence. But a better idea would have been to not use a cable lock.
    Cable locks like the one used are very easy to cut through, an extra D lock
    possibly would have been a better idea, and what about your saddle and seat
    post! That cable lock might have come in handy for them? Or take them with
    you, just an idea 🙂 I personally wouldn’t be locking a nice bike like that
    outside if you’re going to your office job like he mentioned, but if you’ve
    got no other choice :/ 

  2. Go with the Sheldon Brown method: Only lock the rear wheel to the fence
    with a single U-lock in the rear triangle (between the seatstay and wheel.
    You might think you can just remove the rear wheel then to steal the frame,
    but try that and you’ll find out that it will be impossible to remove the
    rear wheel because the lock is in the way.

  3. this video is not use full so many things wrong with this video. thiefs
    when they cant take the whole bike they take parts of it. using a wire lock
    is the worst thing you can use. everybody has access to a bolt cutter and a
    simple click can break thru those wires and can remove wheels in less then
    a minute.

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