Bike theft in Dublin

Learn from my mistake: I was too confident and locked the bike to the frame with an Abus u-lock (…
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16 thoughts on “Bike theft in Dublin

  1. and I thought abus was a good lock. they said that it took 168kg of force
    to break an abus ulock through twisting.

  2. I think I know the fella in a hat 😀 he comes to Smithfield, he lives round
    there. am surprised how easy it was 😀 that’s why I never ever leave my
    good bike alone on street. I use fixie to pop into shops rather then my
    expensive bike.

  3. sorry about your bike, once upon time a bunch of knackers like those picked
    up my bike I left silly me without lock, it was those “5 min” shop at a
    store near Illac Centre, the ‘stupid’ security guy in the shop told me a
    bit late “somebody picked up your bike!”, I wonder why he didn’t say
    anything when he saw somebody was stealing my bike after that I left my bag
    in the shop and ran to try to find them, I caught them, and well man…they
    will never steal a bike again…I can guaranty that. ;). Bike is in one of
    my Dublin videos.

  4. Get your things straight and quote the whole sentence please “Never ever
    think it’s only 5 minutes and always lock your bike like you had to park
    it in the worst slum of the worst city in the world.”

  5. That’s a good lesson – wouldn’t it have been funny if someone had stolen
    their other bike while they were stealing your one?

  6. Was that a magic trick? It was definitely locked on the top tube of the
    bike frame. How in the world did the thieves get the bike just by spinning
    it and no tools? That Abus lock is a piece of garbage. Little force was
    used and it broke?! I have a kryptonite new york u-lock and also a
    kryptonite new york noose chain lock. I also have the bully alam lock with
    pager as well.

  7. Clearly not locked through the spokes, wouldnt have been cycling off after.
    It was locked through the top tube, pretty much acts as a lever to snap the

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