CUT BREAK Kryptonite bike locks in 5 seconds. KRYPTONITE is JUNK!

Tenants moved out and abandoned 2 bikes. Both locks are kryptonite. Cut like butter.

kryptonite bicycle lock
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Kryptonite New York lock
kryptonite bicycle lock
Image by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious
Holy moley this is one heavy duty lock.

At REI in Mountain View, California.

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18 thoughts on “CUT BREAK Kryptonite bike locks in 5 seconds. KRYPTONITE is JUNK!

  1. The point here is that most thieves wont be carrying arround such a huge
    tool, specially in crowded areas where bikes are usually parked, that
    cutter has to weight as much as a medieval sword or more, and is like a
    meter long, so you will look very suspicious with that arround bikes… so
    it is clearly possible to cut a U-lock or other locks but you need a
    massive tool not easy to hide.

  2. If one uses the ground to help one can cut a “D-shaped” lock.
    Try to do that using just your arm strength, NOT the ground to cheat.
    Guarentee its not that easy…
    IFyou can do it.

    Tired of people cheating, and saying how easy it is to break a D-lock. 

  3. Thanks for the video. Because of your video and some others, I bought
    myself two Kryptonite New York locks. I already own 2 Kryptonite
    evolution locks. They are a step up from the cheapest Keeper Kryptonite
    u-locks that you cut. .Can large bolt cutters cut the 13mm thick Evolution
    u- locks? 

  4. Most people think u locks can’t be cut with bold cutters but you proved it
    could be done “Like fuckin butter” !
    Those must be 3 foot heavy duty bolt cutters.

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