23 thoughts on “Cutting Bicycle U-Locks and cable locks with $13.99 Bolt Cutters

  1. Thank you for spending money on breaking locks to help us on distinguishing
    the good locks from the bad ones Greg.

  2. Can you do it without using the ground? Using the ground for leverage is
    not an accurate test, unless the thief gets lucky and runs across a poorly
    locked bike. The proper position for that lock should make using the ground
    for leverage impossible, so unless you can do it with just your arm
    strength then this was simply pointless why did you waste so much money on
    a test that doesn’t represent the situation you need to put them on a bike
    that has been properly locked to a pole or bike rack then test the locks
    wow the stupidity is outright shocking to me!!!!!!!

  3. dumb ass for putting a video to break a u lock now everybody knows how to
    break them and steal bikes now

  4. You must remember the old saying “Locks are there to keep honest people
    honest” Thanks for the video

  5. Yeah, right dude, but just try to cut a U lock with both hands. I bet you
    will be disapointed. Luckily, bike are locked 2 ft above the ground, so you
    can’t just put one handle on the pavement and cut the lock with your

  6. Nice. Don’t know if I should get better lock or start stealing. And for
    last u lock, prob need 20 dollar bolt cutters for that job haha

  7. It’s not shillage – it doesn’t rhyme with Village
    It’s Schlage and is pronounced with one syllable ‘SHLAYG’

  8. thank you for trying to show people just how easy thieves can do this.
    although you did use the ground for leverage this shows people how you
    shouldn’t place your lock too close to the ground. also thieves can carry
    much longer cutters with them easily.
    cable locks should be banned in my opinion most of them can be cut with
    cheap pliers. a few years ago i had a cheap but very thick cable lock and
    in broad daylight i was lucky enough to catch a guy with bolt cutters in
    the act. just in the nick of time if i where only seconds longer in the
    store it would have been too late. this happened in Portland Oregon on s.e.
    Hawthorne street a very foot traffic heavy street with many small shops and
    restaurants and no one even noticed or cared.

  9. ever notice how people who sag their pants always walks with one knee bent?
    yea, they got something big in their pants and it aint a D.

  10. Thank you for showing people how to break through locks. Especially people
    to broke to be able to afford THEIR OWN SHIT! 

  11. It is always best to try and have a high placement of chains or locks.
    Using the ground as a leverage point gives a tremendous advantage to the
    person using bolt cutters.

  12. There is no way you can keep a determined person from stealing your bike.
    Even if there is a magical invincible lock, a thief will still destroy your
    bike before realizing he’s not going to get the lock off. Either way you’re
    short one bike.

  13. Some one got through a gate Padlocked, then cut through my cable lock and
    then managed to remove my U lock.

    3 Locks, in less than 10 minutes, £200+ worth of locks. and a £900.00 bike

  14. a u-lock is still the best type of lock, its not too easy to break one and
    anyone who is seen with a big ass bolt cutter might look suspicious to
    people walking by…

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