21 thoughts on “Hal’s best and worst locked bikes

  1. Most people even dont need quick release. Since theye are still sold with
    every bike the guy probably put a screw through it instead of giving some
    20 bucks for a thread axle solution

  2. @AndrewDangerously The point is so that someone doesn’t come along and
    steal your tire -_- the owner would have the screwdriver to undo it and
    like the crazy haired guy said in the bid it’s just a deterrent

  3. I like this video! But I thought the point of having a U-lock plus a cable
    was to deter the thieves in that they would have to carry around 2 sets of
    tools to steal the bike. Yet if the cable is simply locked into the U-lock,
    then the thieves just have to break the u-lock and the cable would be
    released…. Also, can someone explain that front tire thing that got an A+?

  4. lol when I was young like 12 I was stupid and had a little ass cable chain
    not even designed for bikes XP I wanted to show off to my friends cuz I got
    this new bmx ride and my dad was like.. hell no im picking it up right

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