17 thoughts on “How to Break a Masterlock U-Lock bicycle lock

  1. ANY lock made by master lock is a complete piece of shit. Look at how quick
    people pick their pad locks with bobby pins and paper clips on youtube!
    Master lock only sells locks b.c people see the name and think they are
    good. Never buy ANYTHING made by master lock, ever! 

  2. Ass hole! You are the reason why bike thief’s get away with stealing
    bikes…but then again, you are helping us not pick out this piece of shit

  3. Yes… This is why these locks were phased out starting 2004

    This tricks been known since the 90s same with the Kensington locks on
    laptops, you try showing this at defcon and you’ll be called slow poke the
    rest of the year.

  4. lol everyone complaining that this guy is the reason or could be the reason
    your bike got stolen… If you had watched this video sooner you wouldn’t
    have purchased a crappy lock…. Locks are only to keep honest people
    honest… If a bike thief wants your bike odds are it’s gone.

  5. @garrett Moffitt

    You’re being nazi about a guys spelling on their username, when you can’t
    even differentiate between there and their. Please stop and go to school

  6. I have an masterlock but with normal key jajaj nobody steels my bike fool,
    you musnt put this video there, the thieves learn to steel more dummy.

  7. Lock making companies earn money by selling locks which can be broken. You
    get your bike stolen, you buy even more safe/expensive lock. Clever. 

  8. Where were you when I had to cut mine off with an oxyacetylene torch when I
    lost the key? This is so much faster and cheaper

  9. If u can do it then any person can do it for my new Lock , thanks for
    helping me choose the right lock , Btw i didnt search it up to Get someones
    bike i want to make sure the lock i get dosnt get broken into

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