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strongest bike lock
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strongest bike lock
Image by B.S. Wise
At 19, The Film Student Has A Near-Death Experience

A true-to-life parable by B.S. Wise

This night, more than two decades ago, RRR*rrrr*rriding my little scooter on the rain-slicked streets of Eagle Rock, California, heading to the college library to watch mad bloodied Viet Nam war documentaries and work more on the my surreal Tarkofskian-Jodorowskyish-Lynchian sci-fi war screenplay/poem/book/reve, it had begun to rain harder, and, huddled in my scarf and jeans jacket, full and downhill speed ahead, I plunged helmetless through a dark intersection lit only by a swaying green light and a streetlamp sputtering like spark-wood


Brakes locked, I skidded instantly into the oncoming metal of a Vintage Dodge 1972 Station Wagon, and my left leg crumpled against the sharp wing of it, shattering my femur into bone shards sent screaming through the flesh of my inner-thigh. While my scooter quickly disappeared under the car.
I had left gravity…
tumbling through the air, with a fire in the mind.

An odd sensation, for I thought I ‘d reached the ground safely and was rolling, rolling somehow protecting my head, but no, catapulting in a great whiz-whirling somersault through the air…

*BAM!* I hit the light pole and crumpled to the street onto my broken leg, which, now unsupported by the femur, snapped at the tibia and fibula into two clean breaks. The leg disappeared under me, broken backwards at the thigh.

Well, I thought I’d lost it, gone was my leg.


And yelling, "YOU COME BACK HERE!!! OH MY GOD MY LEG!!!" at the driver, himself in severe duress, slowly dragging my bike under his car, which scraped and scratched at the street as he slowly drove in a wide bewildered circle.

This man, so like God in the shape and movement of this story, turned out to be an 82-year-old grandfather who rarely drove, his eye-sight failing, but had taken the old boat out just that night to fetch some medicine from the pharmacy for his poor bed-ridden wife.

(O, who knows where even our best intentions will lead us.)

In unending fire of pain, I managed to lift this non-leg out from under me, and saw it there to be all higgely-piggely and zig-zaggedy and just a completely sad and utterly f*cked-up looking leg.

Soaked in rain imagined to be blood, I had a delusion of my foot falling off and my life’s water draining away into the gutter and coursing on into the boundless sea….

But then I realized that it was just my shoe that had fallen off from the end of this infernal pain machine leg, and I sunk back towards the curb, adrenalin rush waxing into shock and madness, to experience a rapid-fire series of very lucid and empirically rationalizing epiphanies:

Thinking back to my screenplay, I became excited that I was actually experiencing a small taste of what a soldier whose leg has just been blown off from a land-mine might be feeling and that this was "great stuff" for the writing and film and well because of this event and possibly having to live my life with one leg I would never be called to service should there be a draft in coming wars and any way this isn’t even half as bad as that and wasn’t all that a jolly good relief and living with one leg or in a wheelchair is so much better than being dead and wow despite my lack of helmet and the simple common sense to wear one I had managed to not to hit my head so thank the Earth Mother and Great Omnisexual Oneness of The Universe for that.

At that moment, I was lifted up and held there by the Living Embodiment of Good Will and angelic potential in all human beings… the local high school football coach, who had just been walking by when the accident happened.

"Lean on me son," he said with a kind, strong, deep voice tenured from years of comforting injuries on the playing field. As I did, a great golden light emanated from his strong coach’s arms, illuminating, calming, and warming us like a crackling campfire…

A strange curtain of onlookers with blackened eyes had gathered around us swaying gently, mouths agape, as if submerged zombies lit by a flickering TV set.

This static zombie curtain was then parted by a Biker, who, at first, appeared to me a dark angel come clad in leather to claim my soul for Satan’s domain. Revealed to be also an Agent of Good Will, hell-bent and free, he started screaming at me:

"OH MAN! OH MAN! OH MAN! The same thing happened to ME! MAN! I was ridin’ along, saw the whole thing, MAN! and *SccrrreeecCHCH* Bam! SAME THING! "

(Now, some of you may recognize these lines and this scenario as being very similar to a throwaway scene in David Lynch’s "Wild At Heart." However, I submit to you that the events depicted in this tale of casual vehicular mayhem actually preceded that movie by a few years; so you tell me where the idea comes from? Some would say the collective subconscious, where people do pop up like ideas… I do. Or, maybe it’s just a common thing to say to crash victims.)

But I digress, the Biker then incredulously pulled down his pants to show me his numerous scars:

"Check it out, Man! I got metal here! Here! Here! They’re gonna put you back together and you’re gonna be riding along in no time, Man!! Hey! I gotta go! My bike’s parked on the side!"

Then, pants up, he shook my hand, "YOU TAKE CARE BRO!" and was away as Time Itself.

I then knew that…

faraway, so close… angels and zombies do live among us.

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17 thoughts on “How To Choose The Best Padlock And Chain Security

  1. Please see New video For Updated information on this chain: Best Strongest
    Security Chain Bolt Cutter Cropper Proof Chain

  2. Thanks for the great video, I’d love to see more.

    I just bought a bike off Craigslist and I was looking at locks. The bike is
    a 2013 models that retails for around $1300. I live in a very low crime
    area but I still want a lock that will last and protect my bike wherever I
    end up. I do see weight as a factor in convenience, and I don’t want to
    break the bank. I don’t see myself using 12mm chain. What would be good
    chain for me? I see some Pewag discussion, but where do I find pricing on
    their stuff and where do I buy? I think I might do 2ft of 10mm chain and a
    good lock. The “little brother” to the Stanley lock you showed is a 50mm
    version but it’s smaller and costs half as much. I’ll probably be going
    with that since it seems to have the same ball-bearing and shroud features
    with it.

    Sorry for the barrage of questions :P

  3. 18 v cordless angle grinder , GAME OVER ! just put a pillow over it you
    wont even wake up , my pitbull will though ! better than a chain 

  4. Thanks for the good advice. But where could I buy a chain from videos that
    u show? If you can give me the address where it can be ordered? Thank’s…

  5. I just bought a 11mm chain diameter bike lock with shrouded padlock. It
    cost me the equivalent of 30 dollars total and it’s a no-name brand. What
    weaknesses do you reckon I should expect? Although I’m sure the sheer
    bulkiness of it will scare off most stealees.

  6. Pewag now sells a special security chain in 7mm and 10mm that I assume is
    specifically engineered against compromise. I had the Pewag rep look up
    your chain, (he knew your name and video off the hop) and he says they are
    both the same on the Rockwell hardness scale – 60 – does not know where the
    100 number comes from, and in favour of their “security” chain he said it
    it hardened “deeper” than the traction chain.

    I know this is pretty similar to the question you just answered below, but
    given Pewag’s factory saying the “security” stock is the one they
    recommend. who do I believe? Your opinion is valued! Thanks for getting me
    on the right trail… 

  7. Awesome video, i was looking for a chain + Lock to secure my Motorcycle.
    These will do the job haha, i’ll look around to see if i can find this
    stuff :o

  8. I should have added…I had a travel trailer stolen from a lock up area two
    years ago and I am trying to find something to prevent my new travel
    trailer from being stolen. I thought I might be able to string a chain
    between two of the wheels and lock the chain down, add some locked lug nuts
    to the wheels and a trailer coupler lock…then a gps tracking device.

    Sounds like overkill, but doing this is a lot cheaper than buying a new
    travel trailer. In fact, the travel trailer I now have is well used. The
    trailer that was stolen was new.

    Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks again.

  9. THANK YOU!!!

    I appreciate your video. I could not understand the name and model number
    of the lock you are showing. Can you please print it in a reply?

    Thank you. 

  10. Hey Wayne- Great Vid- Thank you.
    I was wondering what is the Stanley lock that you are showing? It’s
    specific size or order #. The chain is mentioned many times in the
    comments, but not the lock. Thanks

  11. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    What a fantastic system to keep my phone on my bike, August 16, 2013
    Marlene Cole (SAN JOSE, CA, US) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Annex Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro for All Quad Lock Equipped Devices – Black/Blue (Sports)
    I looked at a lot of different system for mounting my phone to my bike. I came from an iphone that had a plastic sleeve that mounted to the bike, but by new S4 didn’t fit! Quite the conundrum. I really liked the way the quad lock locks the phone to the mount without relying on some sort of pressure or tension on the outside of the phone. Competitor products with little sliding arms that grip the sides of the phone don’t seem sturdy and obscure buttons. I planned on using my mount on regular road cycling, hard pack with a hybrid, and mountain biking.

    So far it has performed superbly for those activities. I am no Chris Froome, but I do love to ride my bike a lot. I’ve done about 100 miles so far with this system. I have also installed a mount in my car which was simple and also works great. All the mounts have been solid with no issues with the phone dismounting on it’s own or coming loose in any way. It is securely locked in it’s position. However, when it is time for dismount, the process is super easy.

    This bike mount is really easy to install and take off. It makes it really easy to switch it from bike to bike. The look of it is just so clean too. Almost every time I go on a group ride someone comments. One guy said it reminded him of the screen in a tesla but bike style. I think this is because, when attached, you see nothing but the phone floating there on the handlebars. This has the incredible benefit of the phone being easy to access. All the buttons are there like they normally would be and there is nothing in between you and the screen to get in the way of regular phone functions. I have texted while riding my bike. Pretty amazing!

    My only issue with the system is a blunder I made that you don’t have to repeat. I bought the Neo Hybrid case to attach the adapter to. While it works fine and I really like the case, choosing a case with a flexible back turned out to be a little aggravating. It adds a little flexibility into the whole set up. While it’s nothing awful and not annoying enough to order a new case and adapter, if I could go back in time, I’d have ordered a solid case.


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  12. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great many uses device holder, May 18, 2013
    Rob (PA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Annex Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro for All Quad Lock Equipped Devices – Black/Blue (Sports)
    Great smaller then i expected device holder. I use this to hold my phone to my bike when riding. I’m not worried about it falling off. Its held on strong..


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