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  1. This video demonstrates the slow way (which actually takes longer than
    thirty seconds). To do it in ten to fifteen seconds, you do not need to
    preset the numbers of the lock. Simply pull the two ends of the cable very
    tightly apart, then while retaining the tension, turn the first cylinder
    until you feel the cable pin fall into the notch inside the cylinder
    (depending on the lock, you may need to release the tension slightly for
    the cylinder to move). Now do the same thing with the second cylinder, and
    then the third, etc, until you have completed all of the cylinders. When
    you finish turning the last cylinder, the cable will pull right out. This
    should prove to everyone that this lock is utterly worthless for securing
    anything of value.

  2. OK…you are not a professional video editor. You are a child with a really
    annoying voice. So you don’t need some stupid intro.

  3. If I losing my code i can try all posibal combinations. but if i want to
    steal something i can get this way :-)

  4. Who the hell still uses those kinds of combination locks to begin with? No
    need to do all this to steal a bike. Just take a very small set of bolt
    cutters since you could slice through that in seconds.

  5. I have the same of 0.18 what you have the red lock not the one that you
    showed us anyway it have 1 1 1 1 to 6 6 6 6
    but I don’t remember the combinations but I remember that it starts with
    6 but I’m not really sure that the seconds number was 5 or 6 but I don’t
    remember the rest can you help me with that.

  6. A lock like that could be cut in 2 seconds, which would save me 28 seconds
    of my life. But wait a minute, I have spent almost 28 seconds typing this
    reply! Aaagh! I am such an idiot! There’s almost 30 seconds of my life
    gone!!! What have you done to me???

  7. I use a u-lock and a much bigger version of this type of 4 digit lock and
    this simply doesn’t work. ANYONE who uses a lock like the one shown in the
    video is going to loose their bike to theft. You should use a U lock
    through the frame and rear rim to an unmovable object. I use the cable lock
    for my QR seat (my seat has a ventilation hole in the middle that you can
    get a wire chain through) and front rim. In any event, There is no
    noticeable change in tension or gaps in my 4 digit horizontal combination
    lock. But even the one I have is not good at all for even a Kmart bike. You
    could cut through my wire based chain with small bolt cutters in a second
    or with a hacksaw in about 20 seconds. A u-lock is the best way to keep
    your bike safe from opportunistic thieves (there is no lock that can or
    will stop a professional thief). I have “Theft deterrent” things on my
    bike. I have duct tape all along the chain-stay and have removed the brand
    name stickers from my bike. The best way to protect your bike from thieves
    is to make it look undesirable (by removing stickers), lock it up whenever
    possible next to the most poorly locked and expensive looking bike there is
    on the lock rack (like at malls, library etc). A thief can only steal one
    bike at a time, so making YOUR bike look worse than other bikes and locking
    it up next to poorly locked bikes is a good idea. It’s also worth it to
    simply take parts of your bike with you (when possible) that make the bike
    unusable. Like you can take the front rim with you or the post/seat if you
    have a QR seat post. I also remove the brake line from the brakes (in high
    theft areas like down-town) so if someone does steal it, hopefully they
    will get killed when they drive away with it and then find out the bike
    won’t stop (hopefully in traffic). Also, a descent bike mechanic can remove
    most of the expensive parts of your bike in a few minutes, even if you take
    all of the precautions. They could steal your brakes, derailleurs and
    shifters, brake levers, the cassette, crank-set (that might take a while,
    but some crank-sets are worth $1k or more), handlebars, forks, lights etc.
    From what I’ve seen, most cyclists do not properly lock their bikes and
    part theft is impossible to prevent.

  8. I can’t believe they still make this sort of crappy “lock”.
    Back in the 70’s as I went home from school I’d go past all the pushbikes
    and open all their locks to show how useless they were.
    Never stole the bikes as it was just a message. And I was a kid at the time!
    They’re only good for putting around a tree trunk so no one steals the

  9. how can you say you are not responsible? you have taught people / kids how
    to break a combination lock – that’s guilt by association – there’s no
    difference between showing how to do something like this that you state can
    be used for illegal purposes and showing people how to make a pipe
    bomb.saying “dude DON’T DO IT” doesn’t cover you.

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