How to Lock Your Bike – LONG Version

Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library, at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, KY, shows you how to lock your bike correctly. This is the original, LONG version. Produced by: Scott Beckmeyer…
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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23 thoughts on “How to Lock Your Bike – LONG Version

  1. Dude what’s with the UK bike permit sticker at 1:27? Do you actually have
    to have a permit to ride a bike period or is it like a parking pass to park
    on campus? If so that’s crazy! like the guy said in the movie “Into The
    Wild.” “You mean I have to have a PERMIT to paddle down a river?”

  2. …and that only showed people how to protect the frame, not
    commonly-targeted parts: in ONLY FIVE minutes, WELL MADE videos have shown
    why you must to hook a smaller/lighter cable onto your main u-lock/chain,
    then thru the rims/stem/seatpost — commonly stolen PARTS if a thief
    figures that your stealing your WHOLE bike is too hard. This video REALLY
    is: “bike locking tips for UTTER retards”. But some people do exist who’d
    put a $100 u-lock thru only the front fork–WITH a QR front wheel LOL.

  3. It’s best to lock both wheels to the frame and have the rear lock around a
    bike rack or a pole without an open end. If you only have 1 lock available,
    at least keep the back wheel and frame locked because the back wheel has
    the more expensive parts. If the front wheel is able to come off with a
    quick release, take it off and lock both wheels to the frame and a pole or

  4. Oh yeah don’t draw attention to yourself by wearing a dumb plastic
    mask.This man has the best videos on locking your bike 🙂 URL below

  5. This video would still be better if you showed more than one way to lock
    the bike and then pointed out the two areas. You showed all the wrong ways,
    but not all the right ways.

  6. I don’t get it why they always steal the same yellow bicycle. How many
    times must he get his Bike stolen before he learns his lesson.

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