How to lock your bike. The RIGHT way!

Here, our host, Amanda, teaches YOU how to properly lock your bike. With the help of a U-Lock or a Chain lock, this can be done fairly easily. Take a peak at…
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u-lock bike lock
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Stolen Surly Cross Check
u-lock bike lock
Image by william couch
This black 60cm Surly Cross Check, serial number M10070847, was stolen from a bike rack, locked by a Kryptonite Evolution U-lock, at the NW corner of 18th and Valenica St. in San Francisco, Ca. between 7:30p and 8:50p PT on April 22, 2013. Somehow, the lock was still attached to the rack, neither showed signs of stress, but the bike was missing. Also attached to the bike: two black water bottle holders, a portable tire pump affixed to the seat tube, and a black Topeak rear rack.

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29 thoughts on “How to lock your bike. The RIGHT way!

  1. Some Dutch tips that are actually useful (not, ‘put a sticker on it’):

    1. Buy a cheap used bike as a commuter. If you want to commute on an
    expensive bike then lock it inside
    2. Use 2 different types of lock
    4. Cover up expensive saddles, like Brooks, with a cheap rain cover

  2. I always lock my bike with a U shaped lock and I lock the back wheel. I’ve
    never had my bike stolen, though it have been vandalized once. I should
    really get that bike cleaned up now before spring hits.

  3. My bike got stolen in Chula Vista, San Diego, Ca.
    Thanks for the tips guys. I will be sure to get the secured stuff i need to
    prevent it.

  4. I only use black & gray parts on my bike to detract attention of vandals.
    It wont make my bike invisible but it won’t draw attention from blocks away

  5. My best tip for locking your bike is to avoid combination locks, these are
    incredibly easy to open. I bought the most expensive combo lock available
    from the top online bike shop in UK and unlocked it while it was still in
    it’s packaging and I could not even see the numbers, in less than a minute
    and I’m not even a thief !
    I returned the lock still in it’s packaging but unlocked and they were so
    surprised that they sent me the best key lock they had worth 3 times as
    much !

  6. My older brother made an elektronic Lock for 15 bucks it’s damm effective.
    every time you touch it you get shockt xD

  7. All I do is NOT ride a faggot fixed gear, and take my front quickrelease
    and undo it, take the front tire off, put it beside my rear tire, and put
    the lock around the frame, rear tire, and front tire. And super glue or
    locktite the saddle.

  8. Wrong. If you only have one U-Lock stick it through the frame and front
    wheel attached to something. Front wheels are a lot easier to steal. If you
    live in NYC like I do you need a thick chain or two U-Locks. Cable locks
    are garbage and especially easy to cut. Those nice rims or the whole bike
    will be gone in a flash with a cable lock. I’ve even seen bikes with three
    U-Locks on them. Always lock up on a street not somewhere like an ally. And
    never leave your bike out overnight unless it’s a piece of crap. Then again
    I live in the bike theft capital. Bike camo is great. If you have a daily
    commuter make sure it is well used looking, cheap, and beat up. If you live
    in NYC you shouldn’t own a fancy bike for a daily commuter. Don’t forget to
    get a small chain lock and lock the bottom of the seat to the frame if you
    have a decent seat.

  9. I have two locks on my bike. And I lock it with both locks when inside my
    house. If you’re going to steal my bike, I’m going make you work for it.

  10. I’d say another good tip would be to never let your bike, neither loked nor
    unlooked outside over night.

  11. I would only get rid of the sit’s quick release. When locking your bike
    with, as many u-locks and cables as you like, take the front wheel along
    with you. That’s the whole point of the quick release! to make it easy for
    you, and hard for the thieves! at least they won’t be able to ride it right

  12. 388 of 398 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    can’t go wrong with kryptonite, September 10, 2012

    This review is from: Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U-Lock with Transit FlexFrame Bracket (4-inch x 9-inch) with 4-Foot Flex Cable (Sports)
    Okay, let me just say this package is amazing. Not only is the lock super-tough, but the customer service you get with it is absolutely fantastic. Case in point: Mardi Gras, New Orleans, 2011. I lock my bike up somewhere not particularly safe, then proceed, over the course of the day, to lose my keys. That means no way to get my bike unlocked. Ahh, but I had registered my bike keys for this lock with Kryptonite, which is a free service through their website through which you can order replacement keys. I called them, and they were able to look up the lock number and send an order to their shop to make me a new key for FREE! Hooray. (I think its the first set of replacement keys that are free – after that a small fee applies?) Well, it ends up that their key machine broke right as I had this problem, and it was going to take a few weeks to fix. But instead of telling me I had to wait, they instead contacted me, and offered to pay to have my lock cut AND send me a replacement lock – again, for FREE – because the machine was down, but they knew I was worried about the safety of my bike! How great is that? (Especially since it was my own dang fault the keys were lost).

    In the week it took to sort this all out, my bicycle remained firmly locked up in the sketchy place I’d left it (New Orleans is 2nd for bicycle theft in the nation, after New York – and where I had locked it up was particularly not safe) because this lock is nearly impossible to break (and trust me, it took the locksmith almost an hour of sawing with an electric saw to break this one that was on it, the series two with a cable through the back wheel – not exactly a feat a bicycle thief would try to pull off unless your bike is locked up where NO ONE could see them do this, and they had both the patience to spend an hour trying & the expensive equipment with which to do it. I’m not saying it can’t be done – just that it seems like it’d be very difficult). I’m buying a second lock now for a new bike, and couldn’t be more ecstatic about purchasing it. And how often do you get excited about spending your hard earned money on a lock? THANKS KRYPTONITE! Your products, and service, are truly outstanding in this era of big business apathy and crappy plastic widgets. I am a grateful customer for life.


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  13. 229 of 236 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very good lock, here’s my video instructions for the bracket install, August 4, 2013

    This review is from: Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U-Lock with Transit FlexFrame Bracket (4-inch x 9-inch) with 4-Foot Flex Cable (Sports)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 6:11 Mins

    I came to this lock from another Kryptonite u-lock that had the “bic pen pickable” key systems. That lock was great and worked well for me for many years. It also had a fantastic mount that was very straightforward, though on a couple occasions the U-lock would fall out of the mount. Enough about my old lock, let’s talk about this one.

    It’s a u-lock. Very strong, as you probably already know. I’ve seen videos of other brands of u-lock being cut by bolt cutters, but I haven’t seen a Kryptonite cut yet, so I believe them to be of higher strength than the rest.

    The issue for this bike is the mounting system. It’s designed to be very versatile, and there’s a good bit of complexity needed in order to meet that. There’s nothing wrong with it except the lack of clear instructions. See my video for how to install the mount on your bike.


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  14. Sorry to hear about your bike, hope you track it down! (I like that wall rack, and the bike for that matter…)

  15. [] Wouldn’t I want to watch that group for this bike? Do people submit photos of their stolen bikes in there?

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