How to Lock Your Bike

How to Lock Your Bike

Using real CCTV footage of a bike being stolen, and with the help of Northumbria Police’s anti bike theft squad, this two and a half minute video could keep …
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17 thoughts on “How to Lock Your Bike

  1. I disagree with locking the back wheel and not the frame, as the did here
    take me about 5 secs to remove a back wheel. that just carry the bike off

  2. Lol i once broke a bike lock with the pegs on a bmx bike or whatever you
    call it but all i did was hit the number pad over and over then it broke

  3. yeah, i’m from tasmania, i don’t lock my bike, no one steals them, very few
    ride them. there are advantages with a city that hate bikes 🙂 we just had
    a bunch of muppets oppose a proposed bike track as they feared the bikes
    would endanger children! seems the car fumes have been rotting to their

  4. umm your the stupid ass bitch that doesn’t even know how to lock a fuckin
    bike so shut the fuck up u little shit

  5. Pro riders will typically ride something worth between $6,000 and $8,000.
    $800-$1500 will get you a new lower-middle range bicycle. Bicycles are made
    of hundreds of parts with tight tolerances; they don’t machine themselves.

  6. i’m a car mechanic , recently i saw a utube video about lockpicking with a
    pair of paper clips…needless to say after one day of practice i opened
    all my padlocks UNDER one minute. i’m an amateur, thing is unless someone
    is watching for yr bike and is an expensive one, it’s gonna get stolen

  7. So.. if they don´t get it – they smash it beyond food and evil A cheap lock
    is the best – it stops 90% of the opportunity thiefs. the 10% of
    professionals or vandals will get it, or if they don´t get it, they crush
    and kick it in only a few seconds. how can anyone think a fucking steel-bit
    can protect a fragile bike… easy earned money, nothing else

  8. Well the best thing is to buy some cheap shitty bike for 20$-30$ and ure
    fine, no one is gonna bother even looking at it. =)

  9. False. If you lock one of your wheels, the bike can easily be removed
    because you can take off the wheel. I suggest locking the middle frame. And
    if your here for locking up motorcycles this is where you don’t want to
    lock up the wheel. I suggest a place that can’t be removed and buying a
    xena xx-14 disk lock for a motorcycle or even a bike

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