How to properly lock your bike

PC Ian MacPherson, from the Metropolitan Police, gives you some useful tips so that you can properly lock your bike while on the streets of London. @Cycling London Online 2010.

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21 thoughts on “How to properly lock your bike

  1. How to to lock your bike properly. is the correct phrase…… ”How to
    properly lock your bike”. is very poor grammar. !!

  2. These are really useful tips, but a manner of locking the bike is quite
    troublesome and time-consuming. Assume that there is rainy weather, the
    woman riding a bike and has to attend to a number of matters in the city.
    Every time she is forced to deal with wet, unwieldy and pretty heavy
    equipment. It’s a very uncomfortable situation for her, isn’t it ? All in
    all, a large part of the time can take locking and unlocking the bike. I
    would recommend my video: ” bike umbrella presentation”. There, in the
    comments I posted a brief description of the lock to the bike on which I’m
    working just now. It is completely hassle-free in use, hands-free, works
    immediately and will combine the advantages of many different locks.
    The reason of my determination was the fact that thieves have stolen my 4
    bikes in the last few years.

  3. Effective yes but who’s gonna carry these two big bastard locks around with
    them everywhere they go?

  4. Anyone could steal that seat. Plus the stem along with the bar and the gear
    and brake levers. Not thought this through, Sir. 

  5. Somebody tried to steal my bike a couple of weeks ago. I used the flexible
    lock shown in this video. The thieves couldn’t cut or break the lock and
    they ended up leaving my bike alone. I’m still using the flexible lock.
    Jobs a good un’.

  6. If anyone is watching this video for advice, watch “Gone in 60 Seconds –
    Pinkbike”. It shows that any bicycle lock on the market can be cut through
    within seconds!

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