21 thoughts on “Hydraulic bottle car jack vs. Master Lock Bicycle U-Lock

  1. You obviously have zero idea of how badly you could have been hurt had the
    lock failed. Think of a bow with a 4 ton draw weight! Imagine if all of
    that energy had been release at once. That lock could have gone clear
    through your skull.

  2. Bike thieves use a jack that goes est to west next to the bottom. They cost
    about 170 dollor’s. To pump’s is all it takes when it’s next to the bottom.
    I know…. I’ve had three bike’s stolen …. Caught one guy…… That lock
    was broken in 5 second’s.

  3. its all fun and games till that bottle jack shoots out like a missile and
    breaks give you broken bones/internal bleeding

  4. HI the hydralic jack isn’t the one commonly used, it is the scissor jack.
    This is used as it fits in through the sides and causes the edges to bend
    so far that the lock pins no longer fit, allowing the removal of the D from
    the cross section.

  5. Boże co to za baran…!!! posługiwał się tym podnośnikiem hydraulicznym? to
    nie U Master Lock był taki mocny tylko dupa a nie operator lewarka! po
    pierwsze nie zablokował blokady żeby olej nie schodził przez co tłok się
    cały czas chował jak rozpaczliwie próbował ,,pompować,, a po drugie każdy
    ruch lewarka skutecznie blokował się o imadło co dawało gościowi tylko pół
    ruchu dżwigni. PORAŻKA!

  6. The problem is in bypass valve inside of the jack peventing force buildup
    pass 4 ton limit…to eliminat the leaking- two jecks been used- same
    result and in both cases the release valve was tightened very well with
    hand pliers.

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