Knog Bouncer U-Lock review

This little lock of mine is called the “Knog Bouncer U-Lock”. She is the second to highest quality lock that you can pick up from Knog in terms of secu…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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4 thoughts on “Knog Bouncer U-Lock review

  1. Sure it’s pretty, but that’s not how you lock a bike. Through the back tire
    frame, and into the thing you’re locking the bike into.

  2. Knog makes a cable to lock up the rest of your bike that fits their ulocks.
    Its called the ringmaster. It makes a great extra deterrent for wheel and
    seat thieves.
    Bike thieves generally go for what they know, and Knog is a pain to cut —
    cutting tools are made to cut one specific material — something that will
    cut through the the steel isn’t going to go through silicone that easily.
    I am not going to recommend a cable alone, but its the same with them,
    cable cutters don’t cut through the silicone well, it takes a pro bike
    thief a while to get through the cable, they will probably give up and find
    an easier bike to steal. I am not sure if the silicone steel combo was
    intentional, but its very effective. 

  3. I probably should have included the easiest way to lock a bike is your rear
    wheel and either a chain stay or a seat stay. Super easy to get the lock
    to work using your rear stays. Locking the rear is also locking the two
    most expensive parts of your bike, the frame and the rear wheel. Most
    people think seat tube and wheel, and thats problematic w mini locks. use
    a cable for seat and front wheel and you just locked your bike proper.
    Unless you have a 10k ride a bike thief is going to look elsewhere.

    I ran across you review because I am paranoid and always looking for
    someone that had their bike stolen w a Knog, and I haven’t found one yet.
    On Amazon all the complaints are from people that don’t know you have to
    grease it or try to attach it to their frame, not one stolen bike though.
    In the 90s it was very popular to attach water bottles and locks to the
    frame. Fanny packs were popular too. Ask your parents. 

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