Kryptonite Lock Mayhem

Remember back when all you needed to use to break a Kryptonite lock wasn’t superman but a Bic pen…. not sure why I am putting this up save for my love affa…

kryptonite bicycle lock

Bianchi Pista at San Jose Diridon Station
kryptonite bicycle lock
Image by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious
Locked to a pole in front of San Jose Diridon Station on a Sunday night. The Kryptonite Mini lock is just wrapped around the pole and the rear wheel.

Those are Look pedals on the bike; I didn’t see anyone with bike shoes anywhere around the station, however.

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26 thoughts on “Kryptonite Lock Mayhem

  1. I sincerely hope they recalled all affected locks, to sell them would
    implement them on a grand scale. Probably they’d get sued a lot as well for
    false advertising.

  2. If you buy they old kryptonite with ACE brand tubular key your fine, its a
    precision cylinder! It will be stamped ACE on the key, if it does not have
    ACE on key its made in CHINA.

  3. you try to break a new un-sold lock…. and then you sold it to someone?
    nice… remind me not to visit your store…

  4. Funny video. Charming saleswoman, kind of stupid interviewers and icing on
    the cake – Chinese speaks English as good as Devil. 

  5. this company should be recalling all these locks and giving new ones with
    unique keys most locks run in key sets so most likley someone who has the
    same lock as you also may have the same key as you goto a locksmith and ask
    for a unique key lock and pick proof to add to your locking system of
    course it always depends what your protecting.

  6. Our Bicycles our like our children, we grow attachments with our bikes.
    Thieves have to understand that when they take our bikes, they are not just
    taking a transportation mechanism, but are kidnapping our children. Police
    need to be more aware of this issue because they seem not to care.

  7. i have a high end road bike that i keep locked up in my garage.. and a
    clunker that i use for everything else, i use a cheapo chain lock just as a
    deterent for opportunistic asshole theives

  8. lol @ “everyone who has ridden a bike for more than ten years knows what it
    feels like” not really dude, I take my bike in with me everywhere, and have
    never had one stolen. shop won’t let you bring it in, find a new shop.

  9. I can’t help but wonder: how could a company that is supposed to be
    specializing in locking mechanisms (some of which are reallty expensive)
    and is considered one of the best on the area by the wide public, allow
    something so obviously broken in production? Even if the specific flaw
    applied on an older model of some low-end product (which I don’t know), I
    could never trust that those very same engineers haven’t missed less
    obvious flaws in any other of the products they designed.

  10. I got a Kryptonite Evolution. Had a few dudes have a crack at it and they
    could not get it open. The newer one though with the normal shaped key not
    the round ones here. A big fuck up by he usually sound Kryptonite team.

  11. an evil-doer would still need to cut throught the rim to free the frame in this configuration I believe. And while not having personal experience, have read that it’s near impossible to sever a wheel with a hack saw due to the tension a it’s in and the pinch factor.
    Some will object that felons might cut the rear rim and tire to remove the lock. Believe me, this just doesn’t happen in the real world. First, this would be a lot of work to steal a frame without a useable rear wheel, the most expensive part of a bike, after the frame. Second, cutting the rear rim is much harder than you might think. Since the rim is under substantial compression due to the tension on the spokes, it would pinch a hacksaw blade tight as soon as it cut partway through. Then there are the wire beads of the tire, also difficult to cut.

  12. You’re right, the lock is inside the rear triangle making extraction more challenging.

    So we just hacksaw the pole down instead. That’s why my portable circular saw has a metal cutting blade.

  13. My friend had her Bianchi stolen on campus some years ago. It was that nice signature green. It took just a bit of liquid nitrogen and mallet. KaBAM! I love this bike . . . always have! It seems others do too. I almost bought a Bianchi cyclocross a few years back but I found a great deal on a Cannondale. Though now I have feeling the Bianchi would have been a better purchase. Some buyer’s remorse I guess.

  14. Aluminum? Not worth the drool. I saw a guy riding an old black Gitane with deep carbon aero rims and sewups on Saturday – no brakes – Nitto bars wrapped nicely – now that was drool worthy. 8)

  15. Damn, you made the right choice. Bikers help each other. And When I see a "not well wrapped safe bike on a pole" I always leave a message.
    "Jerk next time I’ll take your little bike away! Lock it safe!

  16. should have left a note on that $1400 impossible to find pista concept (08’s available in white frame/fork only, late sept btw). note would read: sans the quick release from the front and please lock the frame next time buddy.

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