Locked In: DIY Bike Seat Chain Lock

Locked In: DIY Bike Seat Chain Lock

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10 thoughts on “Locked In: DIY Bike Seat Chain Lock

  1. I have a titanium railed seat and aluminium seat post so my seat does need
    protection. I just use a short dollar store cable lock. It is very light.
    I got rid of the quick release and got titanium hex bolt. I can see a need
    for quick release wheels but not for the seat.

  2. Not a good idea to me-_-: it makes the bike look shit !I would just a cheap
    saddle it ll still looks better than that n nobody wants to take it

  3. Man this scares the shit out of me. I have two locks on my Kilo TT, but
    with my Velo Carbon saddle i just might have to add a third (-_-)

  4. thank god i live in a small town. I couldnt imagine having to do this to
    keep people from jacking my saddle. Allen wrench clamp is enough here

  5. -_- what good is an all carbon bike if you have to carry a ton of locks to
    keep it all together? How about you remove the quick release instead?
    Chances are if they got a 5mm allen key to steal your saddle they have the
    chain breaker as well… just sayin…

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