Single Pin Picking A Bell Bicycle Cable Lock

I really and truely had this lock picked straight out of the packaging after I had purchased it from the store but for some reason when I got it home to capt…
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bell bicycle locks

Longest cargo
bell bicycle locks
Image by Steven Vance
I carried an 8 foot long projection screen to the office today for my organization’s booth at the Bike To Work Day Rally on Friday, June 18, 2010.

Get your own Yuba Mundo in Chicago from Blue City Cycles.

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25 thoughts on “Single Pin Picking A Bell Bicycle Cable Lock

  1. This bicycle lock is key retaining when you open it with the key but it has
    a spring action to it when you let go of the key and i found it a pain in
    the rear to lock it back up if you let go. Does that help you?

  2. @ShueFig I’m honestly not sure what to use or how to get the piece of paper
    pin out of the lock it’s stuck inside of. My guess would be to try and use
    something to get in the lock and either under or over the piece and try to
    pull it out. There are most likely some videos posted here on youtube on
    how to do that kind of thing

  3. Very nice. Longest thing I’ve ever transported were my snow skis, except I did that slung diagonally across my back with a purpose built carrier.

    I’m about to mount a five foot camera tripod to my bike’s rear rack for tonight’s San Jose Bike Party. We’ll see how that works out.

  4. SJ Bike Party is every month on the 3rd Friday of the month. Largest has been 3500 I think. Last month was in the neighborhood of 2000 people (photo near start here. I think they’re expecting 4000 this month. Should be crazy.

  5. Saw this dyno light available for $10. Probably not the best, but hard to beat price wise… Is this bike going to be making an appearance at Critical Mass any time soon? I’m oddly fascinated by it. Perhaps because I followed the construction on flickr….. I’ve seen and even touched cargo bikes in the past, not a big deal.

  6. I saw that light, too. I’m not interested – they won’t accept returns and the instructions are in Japanese (although I’m sure I could figure it out).

    I’m aiming for an appearance in Sunday’s Pride Parade. Critical Mass is also this Friday.

    Hold, please, while I get the speaker system working…

  7. As another Yuba owner, I thin the answer is "Yes". Unless you have a dyno hub with extra large axles, you need adapters.

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