XENA Motorcycle Security TV: XX14 disc-lock alarm on bike

The world’s strongest XX14 stainless-steel disc-lock alarm with long-life CR2 Lithium battery, up-close and on the motorbike.

strongest bike lock
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Bicycle Rack
strongest bike lock
Image by Theen …
Stainless steel spiral structure for locking bicycles to, at a shopping centre.

Entry for Scavenge Challenge January 2013: #24. strong horizonal visual line

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14 thoughts on “XENA Motorcycle Security TV: XX14 disc-lock alarm on bike

  1. Can you put it on the rear disc? Or how about the spokes? I don’t think
    there is a large enough space in my front disc for that to fit. 

  2. i’ve had constant issues with false alarms (despite the tips on your
    website) and am now on my third disc lock and the same problems. i’ve been
    emailing your tech support lines in various countries but no one ever
    replies. i notice though that you do reply to comments on your video. do
    you know of any xena support service worldwide that might answer an

  3. My son has a Scooter/ Moped, will the XX6 disc-lock alarm, with a 6mm pin
    work with the front disk, and does it also come with the same db’s ?

  4. Thanks for writing in and for your interest in XENA disc-lock alarms. The
    motion of rattling the lock on the brake disc is what set it off… we’ll
    try to make that more explicit in the next video edit! Thanks for pointing
    that out… Team XENA

  5. If the rider was stupid enough to get on the bike(from side stand) and try
    to move off with it still on….will it go off before you take off?

  6. @LONGISLANDHAWAIIAN Thanks for your comment and your interest in XENA.
    Actually XENA disc-lock alarms use an infrared arming sensor that only arms
    the alarm when the lock is on your brake disc. When transporting the lock
    around with you, the alarm will never arm, and will therefore never
    trigger. It’s better than an on-off switch, because you don’t need to
    remember to turn it on or off… just lock the lock in place and within a
    few seconds you’ll hear a beep to let you know the unit is armed.

  7. how sensitive is that? i mean i dont want it to be winning in the middle of
    a ground parking loto just because some car made some noise.. will it sound
    forever? how to change the batteries? so many questions.. looks interesting

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