12 thoughts on “E-bike hub motor Green Hornet 48V

    I’m going crazy looking for a PWM motor for electric bike.
    But the need is for PWM AC motor in its windings, know what I’m saying?
    Please if you know where such a scheme, send an e-mail
    adrianomoraes.mo @ gmail.com

  2. I have a Mini 40 Mile Busettii bike and it runs 50-55 miles on one battery charge. I also tried my friends Vortex Mountain bike by Busettii. It ROCKS ! Can get up to 32 mph top speed, and on one charge that bike set the new record of 86 miles. Hope it becomes a big hit. In California many people like Busettii because they cost around $1700 but can go 50–86 miles on one charge depending on model. Maria in Cali

  3. thank you. i really appreciate this video! i am building a bike, a trike actually, and i just now considering putting a motor to it, but would only consider a motor if its quiet. thats why i wont add an engine. way too noisy. i see the gas engine bikes around my neighborhood all the time and its very annoying because you can hear them a block or two away.

  4. Put tire and tube on rim and roadtest. Is there a 2 engine system on the market. You could crank to spin a generator and go crazy fast and have good range.

  5. propelling that thing with the power of your muscles must be a hard task, if the battery runs out of energy. did your leg muscle grow since you´re using this nice motor?

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