eBike Hub motor alert. Warning! Attention for all Electric Hub Motor Users!!!

canadianwind.net solarcanada.biz http Thank you for your kind comments, guys! This is important information for all motor hub users. Be very careful with the frame-motor connectors. Your frame must match the size of axis of the motor or you can break all of the controller wires and the chain. Please note as I am replacing the wheel onto the frame that is not quite secure. The frame does not have enough place to screw a nut tight to hold the connector in place. Throughout this video, I will show several still shot frames for multiple angles. This is to provide a better viewpoint and scope of what is going on during the movie. The first set is several still shot photos to show all of the pieces including the wires and connector. The wires here were broken. In order to prevent this from happening again, I have designed a simple stopper. This locking device is very helpful to create a stable wheel. I have made the piece to fit over the wires and connector. The hole is where the screw will be placed. Several close up views show a simple template that can be made using this style. The goal is to fit the locking piece snugly around the connector. I am filing the edges to make a smooth fit. Please note that if you are not a professional machinist or handy with tools it may be better to contact a local mechanic to help. Make sure the piece will fit well over the connector. Slide the wires down the opening and secure the locking mechanism around the connector. Notice that once in
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4 thoughts on “eBike Hub motor alert. Warning! Attention for all Electric Hub Motor Users!!!

  1. Ive had lots of electric bikes but after owning my 66cc two stroke motorized bicycle ill never go back to ekectric which cost me thousands of dollars and the gas kit cost me 130 bucks which takes five secnds to fill up compared to electric which takes two to three hours to fill up. Just junk.

  2. This is something missing from the Ebay kits your see. e-bikekit.dot.com sells torque arms with all his 9C brush less motors . Im sure it would work with the e-bay kits also.

  3. @JoeVSvolcano … is suppose to be… BUT if I do right, so it’s not enough space between hub and frame…

  4. a Torque arm is always recommended however from ALL the install manuals I have seen, that washer with the lip on the end is suppose to be OUTSIDE of the frame, not against the hub.

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