How to build a fast electric bike – Electric bike Crystalyte 5302 hub motor 91V 166km/h

Crystalyte 5302 Hub Motor at 100mph!!!


Test using:  Crystalyte 5302 hub motor ( the fastest hub motor for bicycle) -Infineon Controller 12 Mosfets -Cycle analyst with V2.1 -16″ rim from the Zero motorcycle and 12 gauge spokes -20″ tire at 120PSI limit -anti nail heavy tube 0-100V 0-10A power supply set at 91V The motor draw up to 700W at 166km/h but still around 110W at 40km/h Doctorbass test lab
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Crystalyte 5303 Bicycle Hub Motor Chasing Cars at 70kph
Video Rating: 4 / 5



Check out the Crystalyte 5302 Phoenix kit and how Alfonso had built his electric bike:

My new ebike turns heads when it passes seasoned road bikers.:D Those who took it for a spin love it and want one. The bike is super quiet and a joy to ride. Friends tell me they have trouble telling the difference between a regular bike and this one, until they pay close attention to the rear hub motor and the controller that’s tucked away under the seat. At a glance, it looks just like an ordinary bike.

Here’s how I put it together:

I bought a brand new dual suspension mountain bike for $100 at Walmart, and modified it using the following components, which you can purchase on Amazon or your nearest bike store:

A Crystalyte 5302 Phoenix kit containing the following:

26 inch 408 Rear Wheel. with Shimano 7 Spd Freewheel
48V 12Ah LiFePO4 with BMS (40A max continuous discharge rate), comes with charger
Direct Plug-in Cycle Analyst
36V 20A Start Immediate Brushless Controller, can be used up to 48V
Crystalyte Half Twist Throttle

I’ve added the following:
Mudguard: I added a mudguard to the front wheel so that I don’t have to eat dirt on rainy days.

Bell: I added a bell. I was told by a local bike store (I live in Toronto) that I could get fined $110 if cops find me riding without a bell, much like a car on the road without a horn. I don’t blame them at all for doing this. The bike is super quiet and I find the bell a necessity for alerting pedestrians who are j-walking and when passing parked vans/cars.

Here’s my new pride and joy eBike pic:

DIY e-bike :)

DIY e-bike

Crystalyte 5302 Installation tips:

Controller: I clamped the controller to the bike using two pipe clamps which I bought from Home Depot. I placed the controller right below the seat and clamped it to the support beam of a back mounted rack (20lb capacity). I sawed the inside lip of the rack to allow the rack to fit more snugly against the controller and I extended the support beam using a 2cmx3cm piece of wood (not shown in pictures, but I can provide this picture if you like).

By having the controller clamped to the bike, I’m able to safely lock my bike at work and take the battery with me to the office. Right now i use two sets of bungee cords to secure the battery to the rack. Two cords hold the battery to the rack. Two more cords are wrapped longside around the battery and seat pole, to keep it snug against the seat. For now it’s a viable solution and works well.

Currently the controller is sealed in double plastic film (same as used to weather proff your widows). What I really want to do is buy formal coating and spray the inside of the controller.

The cycle analyst is a very smart tool. It provides you not only with realtime information such as your current voltage, speed and distance, total AH used, but also let’s you set the cut off votlage (for a 48v battery, set it to 40 to 42 volts) , the maximum Amp (this limits the maximum current drawn from your battery) I set mine to 25 Amps. You can also set your cruising speed when at full throttle.

Tires: I got some slick low friction directional road tires that can be pumped up to 70 PSI, making for a very efficient ride. These tires are flat resistant (invest the money, it’s worth it) which i bought for $50 a piece from a local bike shop, here in Toronto. These tires must be installed in a certain direction, you need to read the arrow on the tire when putting them on. Because they can be pumped to such high PSI, you get better performance on the road.

If you wish to share your experience with your kit, just add your comment here below.

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For reviews and testimonials of the Crystalyte 5302 Phoenix kit, check out Amazon

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33 thoughts on “How to build a fast electric bike – Electric bike Crystalyte 5302 hub motor 91V 166km/h

  1. @Doctorbass thanks for your reply, I heard about the HS3540 from It’sElectric, problem they don’t have much data about its maximum performances. Since you did all the tests it’s a pity 5302 is not available anymore, I tkink they owe you Mister Bass and they should give you a 3540 for doing test videos 😉

  2. @erio6

    The X5 motor are becoming realy rare and i think their productin is not stoped for a new otor serie
    Crystalyte compagny are now making new HT and HS serie. just contact methods on our Forum ( endless-sphere website forums He is selling them. HS35 would be close top the 5303 and 5302
    Otherwise Mark from Enertrac is making the MH602 and MH603 that are exactly TWO 5302 motor assembled in the same hub and are made for motorcycle application but can be customized.

  3. Cette vidéo est une de mes favorites.
    J’ai une question pour le Doctorbass, il semble que le 5302 ne soit plus disponible nulle part, avez-vous des pistes pour ceux comme moi qui souhaitent construire un véhicule expérimental équipé de 4 roues 5302?

  4. @FreestyleBrain

    Yes.. The 5302 is still the fastest hub motor for electric bike availlable. There is a 5402 coming soon that is 25% more torque with stator and magnet 25% wider but with the same case width.


  5. @ThePetros2009
    About 400 usd i believe. Although that high speed version is harder to find than the slower, highly wound ones.

  6. Hi Chris, Are you sure that it really exist a 5402 ??.. I know the 5300 serie with the 02 to the 06 but a 5400 serie ??? never heard …… i know that crystalyte released some new model recently.. the HT or HX35 that are a trade off between the 400 and the 5300 serie…

    have you any link with the 5400 serie??

    did you posted something on the forum ?

  7. Why you don’t take a 5402 hubmotor? 5 stands for the series, 40 for 40mm magnetics and 2 for the coil windings parameter.

  8. Hey Doctor megawatt…..when’s the BOOK coming out on how to set up a FAST pedal ebike for dirt or street?

    Something to compete with the Stealth bomber/fighter out of Australia?

    Ever play with the Wavecrest Tidalforce 750X 36V hub setup?

    Your comments/videos & photos here & on the blogs are always encouraging.


  9. With that thing you can drive straight into hell… :o) And your brakes???
    Take blade spokes and a narrow tire, then you can run much faster!!

  10. When on loaded (with an aluminum bike frame and 80kgs of biker) could this engine reach that 160kph speed ? (No wind, no slope)

  11. I ride a Busettii Big 50 Mile bike and I really love it. It goes about 57–62 miles per charge & hits 28 mph so I love that because I can go more places not worrying 4 running out of power. My Busettii also goes up hills very fast , my old e-bike just like died on every hill. I take it to work everyday – Busettii always gets me there faster than my car, I can get around the traffic jams I just paid $1725 with Super lithium battery… Kristy in LA

  12. I have a Mini 40 Mile Busettii bike and it runs 50-55 miles on one battery charge. I also tried my friends Vortex Mountain bike by Busettii. It ROCKS ! Can get up to 32 mph top speed, and on one charge that bike set the new record of 86 miles. Hope it becomes a big hit. In California many people like Busettii because they cost around $1700 but can go 50–86 miles on one charge depending on model. Maria in Cali

  13. @Doctorbass Yeah, 266.3Wh/km represents acceleration draw. BTW, on my build, I’m getting between 14 – 16 Wh/km @ 40kph and less than 20 @ 50kph using a clyte 405 @ 48v. The difference is that, I’m fully faired and always pumping ~100w into the pedals.

  14. I have 27 inch tires rather than 26 inch. Is it possible for me to buy the hub without the wheel, or the 26inch wheel comes with the hub?

  15. Nice video…you did a great job on your setup. What’s your opinion having a front hub motor over a rear? When are you going to upgrade for a AWD setup….with a “turbo” boost button that turns on both motors? 🙂

    What do you figure you have in the complete bike as it is setup in the video?

    I’ve been looking @ the older EV Global bikes (36v) & upgrading them to current specs or even locating a used Tidal Force 2.0 Montague Paratrooper military spec bike for around $2K.

  16. pretty cool. 100 kph? You’d need blinkers, and a motorcycle endorsement to ride that here. Still give me a big ol harely, or a goldwing over it any day 🙂

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