How to Pick a Bicycle : Touring Bike Accessories & Supplies

Learn about touring bicycle luggage accessories and parts like low-rider racks and panniers made to load up on extra clothing, in this free biking video with expert tips and advice. Expert: Aaron Phillips Bio: Aaron Phillips teaches at the University of Utah and has lead several bike tours. He’s also logged multiple wins as a cross-country racer. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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22 thoughts on “How to Pick a Bicycle : Touring Bike Accessories & Supplies

  1. No mention of recumbent bikes for touring ?

    Wow .. so sad … really … check out Rans or Tour Easy bent bike manufacturers ..

  2. This guy is retarded when it came to frame size, the chain stay length wont change and you don’t size frames so that your heel doesn’t rub the panniers. I would like to see the trailers available covered and compared.

  3. Panniers are fine, but it can’t hold my backpack or shoulder bag. That’s why I bought hybridbackpack. The price is comparable to panniers and it holds a lot more stuff.

    I even used it to to get beer. Now that’s neat.

  4. I’m planning a tour of europe from which is going to be aproximately 3000km in total. There will be 4 of us going and we’re all looking to buy new bikes for the tour which is our first. Aiming for 100km per day. All fit guys at 19-20. Trouble is we really have no idea what bikes to get. our budget is £500 for everything we need individually, £400 for the bike really. Can anyone with any experience or knowledge recommend a particular bike or couple of bikes in that range? I’d be very grateful.

  5. Well, alot of people do do this! I think it’s fine personally but you might run into problems. I’d do it if it wasn’t for the money.

  6. Isn’t that cheating? Somebody else always doing things for you? Not to mention, you will pay thousands of dollars more. Good idea buddy.

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