2008 Tesla Roadster electric sports car driving, this is the real thing


He was tall, looked in his spandex bike and equipment – the reason we were a little nervous – it is obvious that the little silver roadster with distaste. If we inadvertently forced from the road to one of our hobbies while photographing the Tesla Roadster electric drive in 2008? No. His problem, it turns out that the car “too quiet.” The Tesla, clean and calm, but concerned for the hiss of tires on asphalt and the whistling of the fan motor, because he will not the intention, as we slipped by him on a winding route Skyline Boulevard in the mountains above Tesla’s headquarters in San Carlos, California.
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25 thoughts on “2008 Tesla Roadster electric sports car driving, this is the real thing

  1. Are there people who go really positive comments about this vehicle and buy one item or are they happy with this car because it is electric? And most people who are enthusiastic This car makes the car guy “or” girls, they love the performance-car means, for starters? If you compare the price of the car and sports car performance with other, down here, that’s not much. the linear acceleration is not enough to make a sports car.

  2. The oil companies do their best to stop the ideas of the free energy commune.Nous ppl need to stop this corruption spread, generating start your own electricity maintenant.Visitez LT-magnet motor dotcom and get the plans. Join the revolution!

  3. If GM wanted an electric car, which they could build. and they could probably sell better than Tesla, but he’s just not a strong demand for cars eletric. So I can not believe GM tries to destroy Tesla … That being said, I must say, good for you Tesla! an American company a new product makeing Iniva is what America represents. Im sure if they work on the problem, charging overnight, but make it as convenient as gas, we will see a ton more of them!

  4. @ Hyusama WOOOWWWWW REALLY? Would have been nice, but ON THEIR WAY TO DICK say I Advance search in your area and ask who has the money for these vehicles?

  5. understand Phillipc421 @ Thanks for the info, unlike hyusama not quite here, is that you always invite Car OIL! Conduction of electricity in your house, just fossil fuels! OH BTW HYUSAMA act as if you did have the money to get great deals on car tag price to $ 100,000.00! Good luck to buy for the average person or to resolve. Phillicpc421 now solar energy is great and understandable, but it is extremely expensive to buy some sun. Maybein30yearsLOL

  6. @ S2gz Ya, that would probably most, regardless of their situation. I could probably go three days before my trip I had to fill. Thats just one day less than my car but I would assume that the payment for gas.

  7. @ Danen3 you’re right, but consider the electrical … Relax at home every night. even if you do not want to take you 220 miles in most counties in Europe and Asie.les gas tanks are great because you get the gas stations. Not the case with electric, in my case, I would probably be something twice a week plug even though you probably keep an eye on in an emergency.

  8. @ Assamafatalicker In fact, you can even work the MPS of Tesla. It 32.91kWh in a gallon of gasoline. 32.91 / 28 = 1.175 x 100 = 117MPG fuel consumption of the Tesla. Not even a hybrid, battre.Maintenant can remember: A normal car can run on petrol / diesel aka. non-renewable fossil fuels. The Tesla and other EV can use any source of energy: solar, wind, geothermal and the rat race .. Whatever. More localized pollution of the system and does not spread

  9. assamafatalicker @ No, it’s not as much as you save in gas! Sick of ignorant people … lets do some math .. Suppose that a car consumes an average of 30mpg, and it costs $ 3 a gallon. So for 3 dollars, you can drive 30 miles on your energy efficient / energy wasters … right? The Tesla uses 28KWh energy of 100 miles. $ 3 for 30 kWh of electricity from the grid (10c Kwh peak) 30 kWh / 28 = 1071 x 100 miles = 107.1 miles. So for 3 dollars, you can travel 107.1 miles in a Tesla. (TBC).

  10. @ Zetetic0void Nicola Tesla was far ahead of his time! I think it might have been better if his ideals had found a good use!

  11. It’s so annoying that people say how this should be your second car, because it is only 244 miles, which makes it unusable for daily use, a car …. Bitch please. According to the Department of Energy, the average American travels 33.4 miles per day in a voiture.ET with optional docking unit load, you can download it in 3 hours because it means that you load easily into the night every night. Sun 244 miles is enough for one car per day.

  12. @ Assamafatalicker electricity from renewable sources are increasingly available, such as wind or water. Electricity from coal is decreasing rapidly and produces half the oil emmesions. For the issuance of your electricity bill, I agree with you on a problem and sound, we need to deal quickly if our oil reserves are exhausted.

  13. I love the way I hear people buy electric cars, if you do not win. You save gas money, your electricity bill almost as much as you save, gas, electricity generated from fossil fuels, were back with the same problem with oil? ? Please feel free to fill me how to save money or that person and drilling less oil?

  14. @ 1982FMJProbablement for moped / scooter rules, perhaps an electric bicycle is a kind of loophole in the moped / scooter speed control …

  15. I do not understand why our government will not allow electric bikes capable of 40 km / h on the road but they have all these massive heavy vehicles at high speed. It’s pretty sad that our government is not 45 hours be miles electrc bikes on the road. They may seem no transport without a license, which gives people freedom. Sad

  16. s2gz @ I know, wtf wtf.la Shuttle average is like 30 miles. It would be appropriate for 99% of all trips. Then the speed test after 210 miles … wtf? Then they lie and say that he only Willy power saving mode if you have some miles on the left “it will lose power min to leave the house.” The status quo is all that piece.

  17. 220 miles is a short trip? What the hell is wrong w / author of these lines? funded by BP and GM … they seem to have led 200 miles of the decision, the acceleration test.

  18. 220 miles is a short trip? What the hell is wrong w / author of these lines? funded by BP and GM … they seem to have led 200 miles of the decision, the acceleration test.

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