Bike safety rules disparate Complete Book of Law State Bar of California injuries require more protection for cyclists

Bike safety rules disparate Complete Book of Law State Bar of California injuries require more protection for cyclists

Gzhel accident attorneys have a map of the United States created laws Cycling News

Orinda, CA (Vocus) 14 October 2010

While almost all States of the Union requires at least one form of the helmet law for motorcyclists, this number is much lower when it comes to cyclists by the Insurance Institute of America. Twenty-one states require helmet use by motorcycle, and 27 other states require that some wear helmets. Conversely, only 21 states have passed plus the District of Columbia laws regarding the wearing of bicycle helmets.

Gillin Jacobson Ellis & Larsen (Gzhel accident attorneys), a company in San Francisco Bay Area representative plaintiff catastrophic injury and death suspicious, demanding more protection for cyclists on the roads. Managing Partner Andy Gillin proposes States archaic laws of the bicycle and update revise the legislation that does not have pace out with more cyclists on the roads.

Gzhel accident attorneys has developed a map of the U.S. bicycle shop state laws, motorcycle helmet laws and bicycle under the influence. It is available for download on the website of the company.

Every state must be sober bikers in the operation of their vehicles with less than half the states enforce laws bike-under-the-influence. Iowa is the only state in the Union without the right bike helmet, no helmet or any law relating to cycling under the influence.

All governments, the rules of bicycle safety update and implement a bicycle under the right influence, “said Gillin.” California, for example, requires helmets for all motorcycle drivers, bicycle helmets for riders under 17 years and includes a bicycle under the influence law . Although California has a number of laws on the books, it should take account of helmets for all bi-pedal vehicles. “

called In August 2010, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for a law on bicycle helmets for all ages across the country, after breaking his elbow in a bicycle accident while wearing a helmet. Besides the helmet law would replace the current 17 years old “wear a helmet all the drivers,” with a requirement of the law proposed developer of security, the mayor also implement a “right of passage three feet.”


Helmet Safety Act:

In 2007, reported the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 698 cyclists were killed and 44,000 injured in traffic accidents.
Of 714 bicycle deaths in 2008 were 653 (91%) not wearing helmets, according to the Institute for bicycle helmets. The number of head injuries among cyclists is much higher than any other sport, the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute.
Nearly 11,000 people are hospitalized each year for head injuries from bicycle accidents. Helmets have proven that the risk of head injuries in children by 85 percent and brain injury to reduce by 88 percent, according to Safe Kids USA.
About 90 percent of the population supports the use of helmets for children, only 62 percent support helmet laws for adults, according to the National Survey of cyclists and pedestrians, attitudes and behavior. TIPS FOR ACCIDENT


Gzhel accident attorneys is a bay of San Francisco law firm of plaintiffs in the region of catastrophic damage and cases of suspicious death. Since 1972, Gillin Jacobson Ellis & Larsen has obtained recoveries in more than 99 percent of cases.

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