Electric bicycle – the new revolution

Recession, traffic jams and the green trend made electric bicycle the new hot trend of the western world.A wide selection of electric bicycle is available in stores

Marketers have identified the potential and now you can find electric bicycles (called also e-bikes) in your local department store, as a regular consumer product.

Right identification of the target market made the development of niche products such as children’s electric mopeds, parents have some products tailored for them and also businessmen have their own dedicated e-bikes.

You might find your postman arriving to deliver your mail with its own electric motor bicycle.

While the electric car’s future is not yet clear, sales of the electric bicycle, that do not require complex infrastructure, have been rapidly growing and have become a real trend in Europe, North America and in south east Asia.

The main difference between the electric bicycle and the electric car is that the large scale deployment of the electric car has a large barrier of day to day use, liek the huge investment required in infrastructure, but the main difference is a major change in consumers’ behaviour – as owners of electric cars, owners will have to give up driving great distances, off the main routes, as charging the battery is not a simple and quick process.

electric bicycles (or e-bikes) are already creating the revolution – today’s numbers show that over 23 million pairs of e-bikes were sold and the forecasts estimate this number to double within the next couple of years.

Sales are soaring as a result of a winning combination of recession, looking for a quick and cheap transportation solution, and the redundant price of energy compared with fuel. In addition the buyers feel they are contributing to a cleaner environment as a result of not using fossil fuel transportation.

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