25 thoughts on “Electric car with a Siemens AC motor conversion and home-made 3-phase monitoring

  1. Free energy is real and its here, but silence is strong, if u are interested in a real free energy machine located alorsIl Just go to LT-magnet motor dotcom and download the plans, it is probably the single magnet travailmoteur from there. Join the Revolution free energy!

  2. whatifpeace @, be patient, invented my company a board independent source of energy regeneration is charging each battery system. You never have to charge an electric car or need a pricing infrastructure. We need to get only the means to provide the market and dodging bullets. Any ideas?

  3. Reminds me of California Balboa Sud.Good job. I try, a speakerphone, which I convert built 30 years ago. We are still waiting for an adjustment of the motor-wheel remove affordable weight and increase efficiency. Any ideas would be appreciated. I’m building the chassis design from the ground up for this so I can not start until I have these engines by hand.

  4. Im not going Wizz electric when it starts to high voltage of things, but I do not know amps is the main thing that caused the death. Now, in contrast to 300 amps more than enough to grill someone what fried the chances? Do not be smart, but how safe are these cars?

  5. I watched two dozen videos on YouTube of people who made the electric car and no one has to mention lust, that the range of the car! What is the purpose of making these cars then !????

  6. Hey Eric, good job on your conversion. I just wanted to say thanks for the info and inspiration. I had a lot of good information from your website, and I found I wanted to do was possible.et Dan, he uses the IGBT module (PM300CL1A060) integrated gate driver, then call the module an isolated power supply (and signal is, of course) that the reader already.

  7. I do not understand everything you say, but people like you make me believe that there is hope. Politicians waste money to make me believe that we have no chance.

  8. Tiger Woods is! do not wait:) is a racist man:) But seriously, very well done. I guess you do not evtech the dogs and pessimists just done. I understand your site, you just hacked a VFD 3HP properly and put in some large IGBT and caps? No additional drivers door? VFD children can get the IGBTs, what is your background? EE degree? They work in a place with the help of electric motors? as you have it?

  9. I read your site. It is a successful implementation and AC controller. The people on the list EV Tech Goo Goo went everywhere. Really nice work. I have a DC 144V DC 500 Amps for my car but I would really like something like what you are trying to do. great job.

  10. The video has not explained. The author of the video would be declared the most qualified person is not as condescending as you. I am licensed to operate a vehicle with air brakes, why do I doubt it probably is not the curiosity. So many people are now behind in the buildings because they can not find the brake pedal dam. Did you build a car, I asked a simple queston eteggheads on You Tube to shit too serious and offensive to some shit.

  11. I want to explain to the angle control center as a center for the passage of gas, petal brake and brake and lifts the foot, causing a brake again, but that is far beyond the understanding of people, take it easy, which is for those without critical thinking and all irrelevant anyway said.

  12. Your reply has too much irrelevant information. What automakers object collision detection? The driver is the problem. Suppose a pilot, and I see a lot that tried to pass a vehicle on the right over the top and realizes that he can not be done and has to stop. Is the car to stop itself? Is that what you say?

  13. Yes. His call design. Collision detection of the object. Just not the same old things never change heard. Many universities and automakers have cars automotive engine design. Do not panic stop. Panic is the problem not the solution.

  14. The engine was rated 17k rpm, but I had closed the camp with U / min max replace 10k.Mon UPS now is rated 300 A at 312V, so the assumption that it is 85% effective, it’s about 80kw.Merci-Eric

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