Electric Pedal Vehicle – The Electric Bicycle

George Christodoulou asked:

The electric bike is an amazing vehicle for any environmentally conscious person who feels they need a mode of transportation that is also fast and efficient. The bicycle is made not to leave the rider completely idle but to assist in the movement over hills as well as flat ground. Basically, these bikes are for people who want an alternative to a car, get exercise, go fast without increased effort, and get you where you want to be.

Amazingly, the price of a bike is the same as a standard one. So, you get the regular bike functions plus the additional power from the battery to propel you faster than you could yourself for a longer period of time. Remeber, the electricity of the bike is not to increase your speed or move without your effort, it is to assist you to ride at a regular safe speed on or off road.

You might be thinking that electric bikes require some kind of licence like motor bikes or other gas powered vehicles. Although these vehicles are similar, the law regards the electric bike the same as a traditional bicycle. As long as the bike stays at or below 20 miles per hour, the law has no problem with allowing all willing drivers to do as they please.

There are a few different types of electric bicycles on the market including the ezeE, suadeE, and the original. The difference in the bikes are only in the way they are shaped. They allow for usability in different terrains. Certain bikes are better for rougher terrain wile others excel on flatter terrain.

In addition, there are foldable electric bikes that can be folded for easy storage and carrying. If you are a subway rider, you can appreciate the feature that can allow you to stop annoying the other passengers by taking up half the car.

Finally, the final bike type, is a smaller than average bike. The wheels on these bikes are no larger than 20′. They are easy to get off and on, they are quick and very easy to ride, and they are easy to lift and stow away. Whether your tall or short, any rider can use one of these types because it is also fully adjustable. Especially if you can’t find your self pedalling all the way to your destination, the electric motor will assist you.

Those are the basics on electric bikes. You now have a choice to make: do you want a compact bike, an eZee,or a suedeE. The choice is yours. Please make sure to look at the facts about electric bikes and make sure the one you purchase or plan on purchasing is right for you, your situation, and your environment.

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