Electric Recumbent Bike

Here’s a good look at Savanna and her Rocket Trike! 30 miles+ on a charge of solar electricity. Fun, Fast , Very good looking, and Dependable..and the trike is a blast too. See this RocketTrike and lots more of Savanna at: www.wildnaturesolutions.com

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8 thoughts on “Electric Recumbent Bike

  1. i watched this video because i thought it was a two wheeler, this is a trike, im not looking for a trike.

    fix your title, kthx.

  2. It looks very solid, robust, and incredibly comfortable – look at that plush chair!
    Have you considered putting a solar panel on the top? You could use it for shade and it would extend your range even while you ride.

    Good work, and an enjoyable video too.

    (ps: the link to your website in the video description is mispelled)

  3. hi ghull..You are probably not familiar with these Systems..
    weight makes almost no difference.
    There is so much power and so much range…
    frankly, weight just isn’t an issue.
    This is like having a small truck.
    Fast, fun super long range, and will clim any hill at full speed 30+ mph.
    And we pedal because we like the excersize…
    You set up the cadence and the load you want and just modulate the throttle..there are no hills! simple!
    This is not your mom and dads bike..ok?
    thanks !!

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