Extreme Max 5200.2018 E-Cycle Grey / Yellow All Aluminum Hybrid Bike

Extreme Max 5200.2018 E-Cycle Grey / Yellow All Aluminum Hybrid Bike

  • Only 42 pound dry weight plus the 30 pound battery pack
  • Quickly folds and fits into an optional storage case on wheels
  • Recharges in less than 6 hours
  • Vented aluminum disc brakes front and rear

Extreme Max E-Cycle Grey/Yellow All Aluminum Hybrid Bike is a pedal assist electric bike featuring a solid cast aluminum frame that folds for convenient storage and transport. This bike is perfect for RVers, college students, city commuters, boaters and anyone looking for a fun and easy way to get out and about. It is whisper quiet and clean running with no gas or oil to worry about. The high torque brushless electric motor with the 36 volt battery gets the E-Cycle to 15 MPH in nearly 4 seconds

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

List Price: $ 746.93

Price: $ 467.02

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2 thoughts on “Extreme Max 5200.2018 E-Cycle Grey / Yellow All Aluminum Hybrid Bike

  1. Review by S. Weinberger for Extreme Max 5200.2018 E-Cycle Grey / Yellow All Aluminum Hybrid Bike
    I purchased this as I wanted to ride a bicycle for enjoyment but I have bad legs so I can’t ride to far. When it arrived the box was slightly damaged on the corners. When I opened it I found the seat and the seat reflector was damaged. I contacted the manufacturer Extreme Max Products and asked them for a replacement seat and reflector which they said they would send out ASAP. While I did receive the new seat a week later but not the reflector. So I’m waiting to hear on that. Anyway here is the run-down on this bike:

    The instuctrion manual was printed in China so the wording is not that good but its understandable. The pictures are very poor quality. I also asked Extreme Max about the manual and they were kind enough to send me a PDF file of the same manual with much better pictures and instructions.

    The bike is fairly easy to put together, took less then one hour. You have to charge the battery the first time for about 8 hours but the manual says after that charging should take about 4 hours which from what I have seen is about true.

    The bike seat is very high even at it’s lowest setting. My wife who is only 5ft tall can’t get on the bike. I am 5’11” and able to get on but it’s not easy. The handle-bar is a bit low even at the highest setting especially when the seat is so high. What I did was I cut the bicycle seat post about 3 inches with a circular saw and that seems to help. My knees are just below the handle-bar when I pedal. So if you are over 6 ft tall you might not fit on this bike, like-wise if you are 5ft or smaller.

    It rides very well. Like most electric bikes it has three options:

    1)pedal like a normal bike ( it’s unfortunitly not too easy if you are used to a bike with speeds. As it feels like it’s on 1 speed setting so you don’t get too far just using the pedal)

    2) Pedal-Assist which is very good. You start to pedal then the motor kicks in then after a few yards you have to pedal again.

    3) Scooter mode- you just use the motor. Its quiet and you go pretty fast.

    The bike is fold-able for storage or transport and is not too difficult to do.

    The battery can be charged either in the bike or taken out. Either way they warn you in the manual you MUST shut the electric ignition off first! It comes with two keys both are needed for the electric motor. They are not needed if you just use the pedal like an ordinary bike.

    Riding the bike is a little squeaky at times and you need to make sure every bolt and nut is fasten VERY tight. They do give you a tool-box purse which I think it pretty neat. It comes with a screw driver, fuses for the battery and other tools that you need to put the bike together. by the way on the subject of fuses. They don’t even mention this in the manual but the battery needs a fuse and you must put one in before you are able to use it. I charged the battery my first time 8-9 hours and nothing happened. I thought the bike was dead then I figured out that the battery needed the fuse. They give you about 4 fuses in the tool purse and they look like ordinary fuses that most likely can be bought at a local hardware store.

    Overall I am very happy with the bike considering it’s low price tag as many electric bikes go over $1000!

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