Folding Electric Bike by GETT Cycle

Folding Electric Bike by GETT Cycle The GETT Cycle is a folding electric bike featuring pedal assist with a solid aluminum frame that folds into a compact small package for convenient storage and transportation. Perfect for boaters, RVers, college students, city commuters, or anyone looking for a fun and easy way to get around. The high torque brushless electric motor with 36 volt battery gets the GETT Cycle Folding Electric Bike to 15 mph in nearly 4 seconds, and up to 25 miles on a single charge. There is no license or registration required so it’s legal (check your local laws and codes) to use GETT Cycle Electric Bikes on the roads and cycle ways. GETT Cycle Electric Bikes offer point-to-point transportation for one person and cargo at speeds and costs that are fast becoming a very affordable alternate mode of transportation. For most of us, half of our errands and trips are less than 10 miles and within the range of most Electric Bikes
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This is part of a TV shooting for “The Great Outdoors” demonstrating the Liberty 24v electric bicycle

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9 thoughts on “Folding Electric Bike by GETT Cycle

  1. they dont say the watts of motor or speed? i agree with lankhazard. 750 watts (20mph)is the federal engine size limit. this bike might be safe at 10mph? Chevron controls patent on NiMH bats and wont allow larger bats to be released to public. So, we are stuck building toy bikes or paying $600 for li-ion.

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